Beyonce Knowles by Gaye Gerard/ Beyonce Knowles by Gaye Gerard/

The bootylicious Beyoncé Knowles is throwing politics - and the writers' strike - to the left and has officially signed on to perform at this year's Grammy Awards. ET Online reports that the Foo Fighters will also be joining Ms. Knowles as performers at the event, despite the possibility of crossing the picket line.

Even though musicians (and actors, so far) are some of the few people in entertainment not on strike, the Grammys have been in jeopardy thanks to pressure from SAG on card-carrying members who are also music artists (or vice versa, such as Justin Timberlake). So does Beyoncé's bold move bode well for the show as a whole? Or is it time to ring the alarm and get more artists on board? - Anna Dimond

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