Goodnight Justice Goodnight Justice

With original Beverly Hills, 90210 stars Jason Priestley and Luke Perry both turning down invitations to reprise their iconic characters on The CW's reboot, their collaboration on Hallmark Movie Channel's Goodnight for Justice may be the closest we'll ever get to a Brandon-Dylan reunion. Priestley's participation this time is strictly behind the scenes, directing his former costar in a role Perry created for himself: righteous Old West judge John Goodnight. Perry, now 45, and Priestley, 41, reminisce with TV Guide Magazine.

TV Guide Magazine: Did you guys play cowboys when you were kids?
Perry: Jason just played hockey, but I played a lot of cowboys. When I was little, Westerns like The Wild Wild West were still big on TV. I always played the bad guy, though.
Priestley: And Luke's never really taken off the black hat, has he?

TV Guide Magazine: Jason, you directed Luke in many episodes of 90210. How did those experiences train you to be the director you are today?
Priestley: The only thing [90210 producer] Aaron Spelling said to me when he gave me my first episode was, "Don't f--- this up!" And so I didn't. And I managed to bring in this movie in just 15 days.

TV Guide Magazine: Luke, what do you think Aaron would have thought of Judge Goodnight?
Perry: This would have been right up his alley because Aaron had an old-school sensibility and admired characters who tried to do the right thing and treated women well.

TV Guide Magazine: In your imaginations, what do you think Brandon Walsh and Dylan McKay are doing in 2011?
Priestley: Brandon was such a straitlaced guy he's probably working as a Democrat in D.C.
Perry: And Dylan's driving a Range Rover down the coast — pulling an Airstream, with a couple surfboards strapped to that sucker.

Goodnight for Justice airs Saturday at 8/7c on Hallmark Movie Channel.

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