Betty White by John Shearer/ Betty White by John Shearer/

She's come a long way from St. Olaf! Hot on the heels of her staggering turn as Stephanie's nasty mama on The Bold and the Beautiful, Betty White has booked a role much closer to home: White will play herself on a December episode of Ugly Betty featuring what is sure to be a priceless taxicab showdown between the Golden Girl and "Mode" magazine's 14-karat beyotch Wilhelmina Slater.

In other Ugly casting news, Tru Calling commodity Eliza Dushku is set to play a cover girl whose stint in rehab is cut short for a photo shoot. (Don't get any ideas, L.Lo!) Alas, a recent gossip-column bit about Kirstie Alley playing a monstrous modeling agent - and wanting bud John Travolta for a cameo - is allegedly lacking in the truthiness department. - Reporting by Damian Holbrook