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Best New Shows and Movies on Netflix This Week: The Politician, Athlete A

Plus: The floor is lava and someone makes a pizza volcano!

Tim Surette

Looking for something new to watch on Netflix? We're here to help! Here is a list of all the best new shows and movies released on Netflix the week of June 19-25.

Have you ever wanted to go to an international film festival, but then you realized you were never invited because you are just a regular, plain person and not a global superstar? Well, you can hold your own international film festival thanks to a bunch of movies from other countries debuting on Netflix this week. An action movie from France, a period romance from Brazil, a rom-com from Turkey, and more make it easy for you to pretend you're some big curator of international film, and you can even hand out awards named after yourself (just add an -ie or -y to the end of your name). You Cannes do it! Or if that sounds like a stupid idea, because it is, there's an adultized version of a classic kids game, a new cooking competition, and the latest season of TV from Ryan Murphy also out this week. 

All titles debut on Friday, June 19 unless otherwise noted. Here's what came out on Netflix last week.

If you're looking for even more hand-picked recommendations, we have plenty. If you'd like to see what's coming out on Netflix in June, here are our Editors' Picks for Netflix's June releases and everything that's coming to the service in the month. 

The Biggest Releases

The Politician, Season 2
Ryan Murphy's series about an ambitious politician's rise from high school president to U.S. president continues with star Ben Platt's Payton Hobart, now in college, challenging Judith Light's Dede Standish for a New York State Senate seat. Joining the cast in Season 2 is Bette Midler as Dede's chief of staff and resident "spicy lube" expert (watch the trailer above, if you dare), which is all kinds of scarring. Netflix broke open the bank to exclusively sign Murphy to make shows for the streaming service, and so far the returns -- including The Politician -- have been disproportionate to the investment.

Athlete A
This powerful documentary follows the two-year investigation by reporters from The Indianapolis Star who uncovered one of the greatest sports scandals in history: the abuse of hundreds of gymnasts at the hands of doctor Larry Nassar. Athlete A is a reference to Maggie Nichols, who first brought complaints about Nassar to USA Gymnastics in 2015. The film is about a program rotten to its core, the sacrifice of young athletes to uphold an image, and the brave survivors who came forward. (Trailer)

Babies, Season 2
Awwww, wook at da wittle baby wabies in the second part of this Netflix docuseries that is so cute you can just pinch its cheeks. Scientists, pediatricians, developmental psychologists, physiologists, and babyologists discuss how babies go from wet, tiny, humans to still wet, mobile, babbling toddlers. Whereas Part 1 looked at baby milestones -- first steps, first words, etc. -- Part 2 examines how babies interact with the world, including other people. It's going to be more of a philosophical and psychological discussion this time around, but the babies will be just as cute. (Trailer)

The Best New Shows to Watch This Summer

Everything Else

Floor Is Lava, Season 1
In the tradition of dumbass obstacle course games like Wipeout and Most Extreme Elimination Challenge -- both of which are awesome, mind you -- comes this souped-up version of the game we all played as children. Teams try to get from one end of a room to the other, without landing in a pit of scolding hot molten magma. Except it's just colored water, so really, what's the point? Netflix, you have the budget to haul in 10,000 gallons of lava, why didn't you? Also, you had the budget to add a "The" to the beginning of the show's title, why didn't you? Did Ryan Murphy take ALL of your money?

Eric Andre: Legalize Everything
Positively insane human being Eric Andre takes the stage in New Orleans to scream comedy at an enthusiastic audience. Andre covers the basics: cocaine, weed, alcohol, and masturbating. Is it OK to like Eric Andre but not really like his stand-up? (Trailer)

Crazy Delicious, Season 1
You probably don't need another cooking competition show in your life, but Netflix doesn't care. This British series asks amateur chefs to put new, creative, and bizarre spins on food, and accentuates style over substance, so a guy made a pizza volcano and now all I want is a pizza volcano. It's very strange, though; the set is some sort of riff on the Garden of Eden, the judges are called "Gods," and contestants yank ingredients right off of fake trees. At 45 minutes, the episodes are also too long, and it's not like you'll watch this and be inspired to barbecue a watermelon in jerk seasoning, so it's only for the most hardcore of food show lovers. (Trailer)

Father Soldier Son
This documentary follows the bonds between a pair of sons and their father, who was stationed in Afghanistan for most of their childhoods but returned home a different person after he was injured in combat. (No Trailer)

Feel the Beat
In this movie, an aspiring professional dancer steals a cab from an old lady to make an audition, but it turns out that old lady is the judge at the competition, so it really comes back to bite her in the ass and she doesn't get the job. But that's just the set-up for the film, as the dancer goes back to her small hometown and begins teaching young girls how to dance. It's a very inspiring movie... inspiring people everywhere to not watch movies like this. (Trailer)

The Best New TV Shows of 2020 to Binge-Watch

Lost Bullet
The French didn't just create some of the best bread, braids, salad dressings, fries, and kissing, they also created this automobile-centric action thriller about a wrongfully accused man who can clear his name if he finds a bullet that was lodged in a car. Hey, movies have been made with less. (See Feel the Beat, above.) (Trailer)

Girls from Ipanema, Season 2
A young housewife in the 1950s moves to Rio de Janeiro, gets abandoned by her husband, and decides to open a bossa nova club with her girlfriends. In Season 2 of the Brazilian series, the main character still has an incredible set of bangs. (Trailer)

One-Way to Tomorrow
In this cute Turkish film, two strangers meet on a train and some sparks begin to fly. The lead actress in this film also has bangs. Bangs are in again, I guess. Should I get bangs? (Trailer)

Rhyme Time Town
A dog and a cat go to Rhyme Time Town, where they sing songs and play around. It's all cute and cuddly critters with no fangs, and I finally did it, I got bangs! (Trailer)

Wasp Network
Penélope Cruz (with bangs)! Edgar Martinez! Gael García Bernal! Ana de Armas (no bangs)! Wagner Moura! With a cast like that, how can this movie from director Olivier Assayas not be good? You'll have to watch to find out, because the film -- about Cuban spies infiltrating exile units in the 1990s -- got bad reviews at the Venice Film Festival. However, Assayas allegedly re-edited the film for Netflix, so maybe it's better now. (Trailer)

Nobody Knows I'm Here
Lost's Jorge Garcia plays a former child singer who was relegated to backstage because he was portly, while a slimmer child lip-synched to his gorgeous voice, in this Chilean movie. As an adult, he's sequestered to a minimal life in the Chilean countryside, until a woman arrives and sparks something in him. (Trailer)

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