Looking for something new to watch on Netflix? Here is a list of all the best new shows and movies released on Netflix the week of Aug. 30-Sept. 5.

Back in the day, Netflix used to earmark Fridays, and only Fridays, as its drop day. We set our clocks by it and planned our weeks around it. "Friday? Let's fire up the ol' 'Flix on the laptop and stream a few bingeable television shows," we'd text message each other on our iPhone 4s, excited to launch the weekend into orbit with the shenanigans of Frank Underwood or Roman Godfrey. In recent years, Netflix has overflowed with so much stuff that other days of the week have become release days, and today must be Thursday, because Netflix is going throw back with an all-Friday release week! Suck it, Tuesdays!

All titles are out Friday, Aug. 30 unless otherwise noted, which won't happen this week because everything is out on Friday like I just said.

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The Biggest Releases

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Season 1
When The Dark Crystal premiered in 1982, those watching it expecting a fun, fantastical puppet show from the same guy who brought you The Muppets were in for quite the shock. The film was no kids movie, featuring dark arts, death, and evil villains who looked like plucked vultures, and the complicated puppetry only added to the uniqueness that's made it a cult favorite. Thirty-seven years later, Netflix is releasing a prequel series, and though technology has advanced to the point that the world of Thra could all be replicated on a computer, Age of Resistance wisely sticks with the puppets, because if it didn't, we'd all tear Netflix a new one. It's a beautiful return to Thra and its wondrous creatures, even if the storytelling is a little on the light side, but it looks so good you might not notice.

Styling Hollywood, Season 1
Annnnnd this is the first sign that Netflix is going light this Labor Day weekend. This reality series follows celebrity stylist Jason Bolden and interior designer Adair Curtis as they fix up stars' looks and cribs. Hey, not everything can be full of puppets of weird creatures. (Trailer)

Everything Else

The A List, Season 1
Hold on to your butts, because Netflix has another supernatural teen drama coming to give you your fix of attractive teens making out and getting murdered or whatever. But this time... it's British! This BBC import follows a group of almost adults as they head off to an idyllic camp where everything is going great until Amber arrives. Thanks a lot, Amber! Ugh, no one likes you anyway.

Back to School
In this French film, two dorkuses from middle school are determined to show their former classmates how cool they are now at the school reunion. One of them gets mistaken for the school's bad boy, and things get wild and crazy from there in typical bro fashion. The biggest question I have: Who has a middle school reunion? (Trailer)

Carol & Tuesday, Season 1
Two women meet and find the music partner they've been looking for in each other in this anime. Whatever happened to anime with giant robots and dudes with humongous swords?!?! (Trailer)

Droppin' Cash, Season 1
I can really relate to this show about athletes and musicians spending exorbitant amounts of cash just for the heck of it. Extra avocado in my burrito? You know it. (Trailer)

The Good Bandit, Season 1
If you enjoyed Narcos but wish that instead of ruthless drug lords murdering each other it was a comedy about a ruthless drug lord who gets a concussion playing soccer, sees God, makes a deal to become a better person, and then moves in with his mom, then voila. (Trailer)

Locked Up (Vis a Vis), Season 3
Orange Is the New Black introduced you to the complex relationships inside women's prisons with heart and humor. The Spanish drama Locked Up says keep your heart and humor, we'll stick with fistfights and shankings. (Trailer)

Mighty Little Bheem, Season 2
This Indian computer-animated series for tykes follows a baby with super-strength. (Trailer)

True and the Rainbow Kingdom: Wild Wild Yetis, Season 3
The third season of this CGI animated series about a little girl and her cat exploring magical worlds is just for kids if you don't have enough drugs in your system. (Trailer)

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Betty Gilpin, Alison Brie; Glow