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Best New Shows and Movies on Netflix This Week: On My Block Season 3, Ugly Delicious

And a whole lot of Marc Maron

Liam Mathews

Looking for something new to watch on Netflix? Here's a list of all the best new shows and movies released on Netflix the week of March 6-March 12.

It's a big week for Marc Maron on Netflix, as the comedian has a stand-up special and a movie in which he has a supporting role new on the service. He's not in Season 3 of On My Block, but that would be fun! Maybe they can get him for Season 4 as a cranky teacher or something. There are also a lot of promising international titles, like The Circle Brazil and I Am Jonas, as well as the second season of Bourdain-esque food travel show Ugly Delicious.

All titles debuted on Friday, March 6 unless otherwise noted.

If you're looking for even more hand-picked recommendations, click over to our Watch This Now! page. If you'd like to look ahead toward what's coming out on Netflix in March, here are our Editors' Picks for Netflix's March releases and everything that's coming to the service in the month.

The Biggest Releases

Spenser Confidential
Director Peter Berg only makes movies with Mark Wahlberg now. This is his fifth straight movie starring the erstwhile Marky Mark. It's their first movie for Netflix and the first movie they've made together that's supposed to be purely fun. (Deepwater Horizon wasn't a barrel of laughs, you know?) Wahlberg plays Spenser, a former Boston detective who went to prison after being framed by crooked cops he was trying to expose. Now he's out, and he teams up with his hulking new friend Hawk (Black Panther's Winston Duke) to bring the perps to justice. The movie is very loosely based on the Spenser & Hawk characters created by legendary crime novelist Robert B. Parker, not keeping much beyond the names and Boston setting. It's Mark Wahlberg, of course it has a Boston setting! The fun cast includes Alan Arkin, Iliza Shlesinger, Post Malone, and Marc Maron.

On My Block, Season 3
Out of all of Netflix's many, many coming-of-age shows, On My Block is one of the best and definitely the coolest. In Season 3, the kids from South Central -- determined and kind Monse (Sierra Capri), sensitive and loyal Cesar (Diego Tinoco), dramatic and sincere Ruby (Jason Genao), and nerdy and reliable Jamal (Brett Gray) -- are tasked with finding Lil' Ricky, the no-longer-presumed-dead founder of the Santos gang. Very real gang-related danger lurks around every corner, which make the laughs feel even more cathartic. (Trailer / Wednesday, March 11)

The Best Shows and Movies Coming to Netflix in March

Everything Else

Ugly Delicious, Season 2
Chef David Chang of the Momofuku empire returns with the long-awaited second season of this delightful food travel show, which focuses on a specific food per episode and explores its cultural and social significance. It gets especially personal for Chang this season, with an episode about school food inspired by his own new parenthood. Guests include Padma Lakshmi, Nick Kroll, and Aziz Ansari.

A privileged rock band member gets accused of rape, which sets off an explosive scandal touching on class, sexual politics, and the drive for retribution in this Indian thriller. (Trailer)

I Am Jonas
A young man grapples with his turbulent teenage love affair with the volatile Nathan in this French drama. It's also known as simply Jonas, which is a better title because it doesn't make you think of Weezer's song "My Name Is Jonas." (Trailer)

Paradise PD, Season 2
This absolutely filthy animated comedy from the producers of Brickleberry returns for a second season of crude, lewd, and gleefully offensive jokes. (Trailer)

The Protector, Season 3
If you're really freaked out about the coronavirus, you may want to skip this Turkish supernatural thriller, which starts with Istanbul is in the grips of a terrible virus. It turns out it's due to an immortal adversary known as "the Vizier," and Hakan, the titular guardian of the city, and his Loyal Army assemble to stop him. (Trailer)

Twin Murders: The Silence of the White City
A handsome detective in a leather jacket tries to catch a serial killer in this Silence of the Lambsian thriller from the Basque region of Spain. (Trailer)

Sitara: Let Girls Dream
This animated short film follows Pari, a 14-year-old Pakistani girl who dreams of becoming a pilot, but she lives in a society that won't allow it. (Trailer / Sunday, March 8)

Carmen Sandiego: To Steal or Not to Steal
You control Carmen Sandiego in this interactive special where the lady in red has to rescue her friends from the clutches of the evil V.I.L.E. organization. (Trailer / Tuesday, March 10)

Marc Maron: End Times Fun
The actor and podcast king does his main job -- stand-up comedy -- in his latest Netflix special. In this one, he grapples with the signs that the world is winding down, like the California wildfires, the cultural hegemony of superhero movies, and how Trump "has opened the lizard portal." (Trailer / Tuesday, March 10)

The Circle Brazil
Netflix's hit social media-inspired reality series comes to Brazil, a country who's social media addiction rivals America's. Who will be the Brazilian Joey Sasso? (Trailer / Wednesday, March 11)

Dirty Money, Season 2
The second season of this Alex Gibney-produced docuseries follows the money through several new corruption scandals, including the Kushner real estate empire, the Wells Fargo banking fraud scandal, and Malaysia's 1MDB corruption case. (Trailer / Wednesday, March 11)

Hospital Playlist, Season 1
Strong Grey's Anatomy vibes from this Korean medical drama. (Trailer / Thursday, March 12)

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Will Yun Lee, Altered Carbon

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