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Best New Shows and Movies on Netflix This Week: Katherine Heigl's Firefly Lane, Carey Mulligan in The Dig

Plus: The hottest reality show on Netflix returns

Tim Surette

The best new shows and movies on Netflix this week include Firefly Lane, the adaptation of Kristin Hanna's novel about female friends who stick by each other through thick and thin, and the Oscar bait film The Dig, a WWII-era epic starring Carey Mulligan and Ralph Fiennes. And if you're a kid, there are three shows that will keep you busy when your Zoom class signs off. Below are all the new releases on Netflix for the week of Jan. 29-Feb. 4, 2021.

All titles debut on Friday, Jan. 29 unless otherwise noted. Here's what came out on Netflix last week.

If you're looking for even more hand-picked recommendations, we have plenty. If you'd like to see what's coming out on Netflix in February, here's everything that's coming to the service in the month

The Biggest Releases

Firefly Lane, Season 1
I am going to be very upfront about this: I watched the whole first season in an embarrassing binge last month. I couldn't stop myself. Is it good? No. But between the multiple timelines, soapy storylines, peculiar fashion choices, and aging makeup, I couldn't get enough. Sarah Chalke and Katherine Heigl star as lifelong friends who go through myriad professional and romantic entanglements, (almost) always by each other's sides to lend love and support. It's gal pal time, that's as addictive for its questionable choices as it is its delicious drama. [Wednesday, Feb. 3]

The Dig
This is probably one more for the moms out there, but the period drama has been getting good reviews in the lead-up to its release. Carey Mulligan stars as a landowner in WWII-era England who is approached by an archaeologist (Ralph Fiennes) who wants to dig up her yard because it's loaded with important historical artifacts. With war looming, can they get the work done and also, I don't know, fall in love with each other? Dig this! [Trailer]

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Everything Else

We Are: The Brooklyn Saints, Season 1
Between Netflix's Last Chance U, HBO's The Cost of Winning, the Oscar-winning documentary Undefeated, and others, there are plenty of series and movies about high school football programs saving at-risk youth from dead-end options. But few follow football programs working with younger children (Starz's Warriors of Liberty City is a rare recent example). We Are: The Brooklyn Saints follows a small program run out of Brooklyn, New York, that helps kids as young as 7 learn to become young men and throw a 15-yard hard out. But it's not just about the kids. These are heartwarming stories of dedicated people making a difference in their communities and in kids' lives, and they're good for sports fans and non-sports fans alike. Plus, the kids are cuuuuute. 

Finding 'Ohana
A pair of kids from New York City whine and complain about having to go on vacation in Hawaii, where their family is from, in this family-friendly film. Eventually, the kids find a treasure map and go on an adventure where they reconnect with their heritage, but can we go back to the part where they complain about going to Hawaii? [Trailer]

Below Zero (Bajocero) 
In this Spanish thriller film, a cop in a prisoner transport van gets an icy reception when the van is hijacked by crooks looking to bust their buddy out. Now the cop has to fight the convicts inside the van, the bad guys outside the van, and the frigid conditions outside. [Trailer]

Kid Cosmic, Season 1
If you want to see a young boy and his grandfather get into some fantastical adventures, go watch Rick & Morty. If you want to see a young boy, his grandfather, his teleporting friend, his gigantisizing little girl neighbor, and his clairvoyant cat get into some fantastical adventures, watch Kid Cosmic. [Trailer / Tuesday, Feb 2]

The Best TV Shows to Watch Right Now

Mighty Express, Season 2
Essentially Train Patrol, this 'toon from the creators of Paw Patrol just replaces dogs with choo-choos, and all that laziness will be worth like billions of dollars in merchandising because kids will eat it up. [Trailer / Tuesday, Feb. 2]

Tiffany Haddish Presents: They Ready, Season 2
Does Tiffany Haddish sleep? Are there like four of her? The very busy comedian hosts this stand-up comedy series featuring some of her favorite yuksters. [Trailer / Tuesday, Feb. 2]

All My Friends Are Dead
This Polish movie is like a bunch of American teen movies smashed into one. It's got an out-of-control house party AND accidental murder. [Trailer / Wednesday, Feb. 3]

Black Beach
A negotiator is called in to talk to a kidnapper, who just so happens to be his friend from way back. People change, man! He used to be cool. [Trailer / Wednesday, Feb. 3]

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