Looking for something new to watch on Netflix? Here is a list of all the best new shows and movies released on Netflix the week of June 14-20.

What this week of new Netflix releases lacks in quality, it certainly makes up for it in quantity. Even if you can't find something to watch from this week's bounty, you can spend the weekend just watching the trailers for the 15 new releases coming out. The most notable release signals the end of a doomed experiment: the Marvel Television Universe on Netflix. But if you ask me, an animated series about a cute red panda who smashes the patriarchy through death metal is the must-watch of the week. Aside from that, put your reading glasses on because there are lots of international shows and movies headed to the 'Flix.

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(All titles are out Friday, June 14, unless otherwise specified.)

The Biggest Releases

Marvel's Jessica Jones, Season 3
This is it! This is the final Marvel series on Netflix, so you had better watch it even though Season 3 is getting iffy reviews. You may never get a chance to see another new Marvel anything, at least for another 15 minutes. This season, Jessica gets to team up with Trish and her Hellcat persona as the themes of heroism and giving a sh-- continue.

Murder Mystery
Jennifer Aniston does her pal Adam Sandler a solid and co-stars in this next film in Sandler's contractual obligation with Netflix. Sandler and Aniston play a cop and his wife who get invited onto a yacht by a charming foreigner where they are framed for murder. Ha ha, hilarious! This looks like it might actually be watchable compared to Sandler's other Netflix movies, if that's a bar we're willing to compare things to. It's kind of like saying this three-day-old sushi is better than that five-day-old sushi. (Trailer)

Everything Else

Aggretsuko, Season 2
Aggretsuko falls squarely into the "anime, but not" category of Japanese imported animation, in that it's a cartoon from the land of the rising sun but it doesn't feature oversized swords or dudes with gravity-defying hair (see also: the wonderful Rilakkuma and Kaoru). Retsuko is a Sanrio character, a red panda who works an office job and decompresses by belting out death metal karaoke at night. The show is weird, sure, but it's also an insightful look into office politics and relationships from a female point of view. In Season 2, Retsuko's mom comes to visit and pressures her to get married, and in case you can't tell already, I am legitimately into this show. It's a gem.

Trinkets, Season 1
Three young women in beautiful Portland, Oregon, bond over a shared hobby: shoplifting! This might be a prequel to Orange Is the New Black if they keep up this criminal behavior. (Trailer)

The Alcasser Murders, Miniseries
In this true crime documentary from Spain, evidence from the 1992 murder of three girls is examined with modern technology to shed new light on a case that shook the country. (Trailer)

Awake: The Million Dollar Game, Season 1
What if Minute to Win It but all the contestants have been awake for 24 hours? This! (Trailer)

Charité at War, Season 1
If you're saying to yourself, "Boy, I sure could go for a German drama set in an 1943 hospital that follows the staff as they deal with Nazis and discover that the true meaning of medicine is love," then do check out Charité at War. (Trailer)

DJ Cinderella
Netflix: We've covered every single possible genre except for Brazilian family-friendly films targeted at young women who want to be DJs.
DJ Cinderella: I got you. (Trailer)

Leila, Season 1
This show seems like it would be good if I could figure out what it's about. It might be a dystopian thriller from India, in which a woman is looking for her daughter who was taken from her by a dictator who makes people roll around on the ground. At least that's what I got from the trailer. (Trailer)

Life Overtakes Me
This documentary follows a group of immigrant children in Sweden who have all fallen under a mysterious condition known as Resignation Syndrome, which puts the kids into a coma-like state. Current societal politics forbid me from making any joke here. (Trailer)

Unité 42, Season 1
Chocolate isn't the only thing from Belgium that's dark! This gritty cop drama follows a widowed dad who teams up with a hacker to stop cyber-crimes committed by tech-savvy crooks. I don't know about you, but I LOVE to watch people tap on a keyboard until they solve a crime. (Trailer)

Adam Devine: Best Time of Our Lives
Is Adam Devine cool or annoying? I don't know anymore. I liked him in Workaholics but now he's always getting these roles in movies where he plays a troll. Here he is telling jokes. (Tuesday, June 18 / Trailer)

The "mentor works with troubled kid" film formula comes to Chicago with Anthony Anderson playing a school security guard who helps a beat-making prodigy make music AND flirt with girls. That is, until things start getting serious and dramatic! (Wednesday, June 19 / Trailer)

The Edge of Democracy
Two new non-fiction Brazilian releases in one week?!?!? Wowza! This one follows the tricky road to democracy in Brazil, culminating in a country politically divided and a government rocked with scandal. Good thing that type of stuff doesn't happen here. (Wednesday, June 19 / Trailer)

The Wolf's Call
It is cinematic fact that the best drama happens in submarine movies, and this French film is all about something long, hard, and full of seamen! The hero in this is a guy who can hear really well, I think, so he's used on the sub to interpret sonar readings? Plus, war and stuff. (Thursday, June 20 / Trailer)

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