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Best New Shows and Movies on Netflix This Week: Giri/Haji, Grace and Frankie

If you like neon-lit crime dramas, you're in for a treat

Liam Mathews

Looking for something new to watch on Netflix? Here is a list of all the best new shows and movies released on Netflix the week of Jan 10-16.

It's kind of a low-key week on Netflix, not in terms of volume -- there are 13 releases, which is plenty -- but in terms of content. This week is heavy on easygoing comedy and family shows, and lacks the expensive drama series or movies that have been taking up Netflix's oxygen including The Irishman, 6 Underground, Marriage Story and The Witcher. International drama Giri/Hajilooks pretty splashy and expensive, but that's a BBC production Netflix is distributing in America, so it doesn't quite count. They're not putting their full promotional weight behind it. If it weren't for this post, you might not even know about it! TV Guide is happy to provide this Netflix Awareness service. On the family show front, the final season of Grace and Frankie and RuPaul's AJ and the Queen are in the mix this week.

All titles are out Friday, Jan. 10 unless otherwise noted.

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The Biggest Releases

Giri/Haji, Season 1
Giri/Haji -- Japanese for Duty/Shame -- is a must for fans of sophisticated crime thrillers. Filmed in England and Japan, it follows a Tokyo detective named Kenzo Mori (Takehiro Hira) who travels to London in search of his missing brother, who is accused of murdering a Yakuza's nephew. As he tries to determine whether his brother did it -- or if he's even still alive -- Kenzo sinks into the London criminal underworld, and meets a detective named Sarah Weitzmann (Boardwalk Empire's Kelly Macdonald) and a sex worker named Rodney Yamaguchi (Will Sharpe), who help him in his search. It earned rave reviews when it aired on BBC Two last year. Now the rest of the world can see what's up.

Grace and Frankie, Season 6
Grace and Frankie is quietly one of Netflix's most successful comedies, accumulating four Emmy nominations for Lily Tomlin (and one for Jane Fonda) and more episodes than almost any other show on the streaming service. In Season 6, Grace (Fonda) navigates a life as the wife of a younger man (Peter Gallagher). A toilet-related problem in his house inspires Frankie (Tomlin) to come up with a new invention and business opportunity. Most importantly, though, let's hear it for great American Jane Fonda, who's getting arrested to demand climate change every Friday. (Trailer / Wednesday, Jan. 15)

Everything Else

Medical Police, Season 1
Rob Huebel and TV Guide fave Erinn Hayes star in this Childrens Hospital spin-off that's a deranged parody of medical and cop procedurals. Huebel and Hayes reprise their Childrens Hospital characters, dimwitted doctors Owen Maestro and Lola Spratt, as they try to stop the spread of a deadly virus and expose an international conspiracy. They're cop-doctors or doctor-cops, whichever sounds cooler. It's an extremely silly show that we hope runs as long as Childrens Hospital did.

AJ and the Queen, Season 1
RuPaul co-created (with Sex and the City's Michael Patrick King) and stars in this comedy series about a drag queen who embarks on a cross-country tour in a decrepit RV with an orphaned 10-year-old boy in tow. Along the way, they carry a message of love and acceptance that even the two of them, damaged as they are, learn to believe in. The show features appearances by a murderer's row of Drag Race all-stars, like Manila Luzon and Ginger Minj. (Trailer)

Harvey Girls Forever!, Season 4
Season 4 of this cute animated kids' comedy features a guest appearance from Casper the Friendly Ghost, voiced by Comedy Bang Bang! legend Bobby Moynihan. (Trailer)

The Inbestigators, Season 2
These Australian Encyclopedias Brown are back for a second season of kid-friendly mysteries. (Trailer)

Scissor Seven, Season 1
This Chinese animated series looks like glib fun! It's about an assassin whose weapon of choice is a pair of hairdressing scissors. He works cheap, but he has trouble finishing his assignments. It has a unique animation style and a dark sense of humor. (Trailer)

Until Dawn, Season 1
French comedians stay overnight in haunted locations. And even if the place isn't haunted, these people are comedians, so they're gonna do pranks on each other to make the place seem haunted. Comedy doesn't always translate with subtitles, but horror does. (Trailer)

Zumbo's Just Desserts, Season 2
Another baking competition show, from Australia this time. (Trailer)

The Healing Powers of Dude, Season 1
The uplifting adventures of Noah, an 11-year-old with social anxiety disorder, and his emotional support dog, Dude. Dude is played by a mutt whose real name is Dude, with his voice provided by Steve Zahn. (Trailer / Monday, Jan. 13)

Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts, Season 1
Creatively animated series about a girl who lives in a "burrow" who goes up to the surface-world, where she encounters fantastical creatures on her journey home. I'm sitting here going "Ki-po" the way Donald Trump says "TiVo." Sorry, Kipo. (Trailer / Tuesday, Jan. 14)

Quien a hierro mata
An elderly crime boss with a degenerative disease gets put into a nursing home where the head of nursing was tragically impacted by his cartel. The nurse's oath to do no harm is put to the test. A very solid premise for a crime thriller. From Spain. (Trailer / Wednesday, Jan. 15)

Something I like about anime trailers is that they have their own style. They don't use that bass drop sound effect that's in almost every other trailer. But that's the only thing about anime trailers that I like. (Trailer / Thursday, Jan. 16)

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