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Best New Shows and Movies on Netflix This Week: BoJack Horseman, The Kominsky Method

Plus: Stranger Things' Gaten Matarazzo wants to prank you, bro

Tim Surette

Looking for something new to watch on Netflix? Here is a list of all the best new shows and movies released on Netflix the week of Oct. 25-31.

I hope you like reading small print that goes by too fast, because this week's new Netflix releases are dominated by foreign shows from non-English speaking countries. Ten of the 17 new shows and films this week come from abroad, a sign of Netflix's push into global markets in its quest for world domination, one binge at a time. But what if the world isn't big enough for Netflix to finally turn a profit? What if we discover extra-terrestrials soon? Will Netflix start making alien content? I'd love to see a buddy cop sitcom from Kepler-442b or watch David Chang try street food from Gliese 667 Cc. Earth TV is too boring.

All titles are out Friday, Oct. 25 unless otherwise noted.

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The Biggest Releases

BoJack Horseman, Season 6 (Part 1)
Buckle up, this is the final season of a contender for best animated series of the last 10 years. This season can go one of two ways: Either BoJack Horseman -- an alcoholic horse who was the star of a sitcom and ruined most of his relationships because of his self-absorbed behavior -- learns the err of his ways and becomes a truly better horse-person, or the series continues with its depressing streak and BoJack ends up in a glue factory after a fentanyl bender. This is only Part 1 of the final season (Part 2 is scheduled for release in early 2020), so we won't get any conclusions this year, but given how unrelenting the show has been about tackling depression, alcoholism, and narcissism, we're leaning toward pure sadness in the finale, and I'm so ready for it.

The Kominsky Method, Season 2
Chuck Lorre's sitcom about an aging actor (Michael Douglas) and his aging agent and best friend (Alan Arkin) returns for a second season of making impending death look hilarious. I never understood the hype around Season 1, but Emmy voters didn't care what I thought and it got nominated for three Emmys. This season, Jane Seymour joins the cast, so no need for Cialis this time around, fellas. (Trailer)

Everything Else

Prank Encounters, Season 1

Prank shows used to be popular, but then the internet came along and made them moot. To be honest, they were never really good in the first place because we're so disconnected from the prank, who the f--- cares? So it is with regret that I inform you that Stranger Things' Gaten Matarazzo has a prank show coming to Netflix, in the year 2019. I suppose that the reason it's all based around scares and horror is because we're near Halloween, but the thought of watching someone I don't know get set up by a bunch of struggling actors and improv comics to think a teddy bear is alive or an alien is bursting out of a man's stomach is the really scary part. Terrence Howard tried this with his vanity project Fright Club. It was more awful than you could imagine, but at least it had Terrence Howard.

Nailed It! France, Season 1 and Nailed It! Spain, Season 1
Netflix's cult hit Nailed It! once again goes international with two new editions, one in France and one in Spain. (There's already a Mexican version.) The rules are the same: Amateur bakers are asked to re-create elaborate confections made by pros, and then we all laugh at their feeble attempts. God, these people SUCK at baking. There, now we all feel better about ourselves because we belittled someone else trying their hardest. (Trailer and Trailer)

Brigada Costa del Sol, Season 1
Hey, did you like Narcos? Good, because Netflix carbon copied that with this cop drama from Spain. It's set in the '70s, or maybe it's the '80s or even present day. I don't know, I can't keep up with fashion trends. (Trailer)

Brotherhood, Season 1
In this gritty Brazilian drama, a woman is forced by the police to be an informant against her incarcerated brother, who is the leader of a rising criminal faction. It looks serious as hell and like the kind of show you watch when things are going terribly in your life. (Trailer)

Greenhouse Academy, Season 3
This show for tweens who think high school will somehow get better for them is on its third season, but this is the first time I'm hearing about it which kind of makes me mad because it sounds BIZARRE. It appears to be along the lines of Degrassi -- these teens aren't snorting everything in sight or cramming their fingers in any hole they can find like modern teen dramas -- but with some sort of super spy twist? For example, the trailer for Season 3 has them all trying to steal a piece of magnetite, and Season 1 involved a plot to monetize earthquakes. (Trailer)

It Takes a Lunatic
This Netflix documentary film is about acting coach Wynn Handman. For more on Wynn Handman, watch the Netflix documentary It Takes a Lunatic. (Trailer)

Monzon, Season 1
The violent life of Argentinian boxer (and possible MURDERER) Carlos Monzón gets dramatized in this series. (Trailer)

In the latest entry into the "what the f--- would you do?" genre of films, a mom's young daughter gets bitten by a rattlesnake in the middle of nowhere, but her life is saved by strangers who demand that the mother kill someone else to pay for the deed. Beats our current system of medical insurance, right? #Bernie2020 (Trailer)

Little Miss Sumo
A female sumo wrestler tries to break gender barriers in Japan's famous sport. (Trailer / Monday, Oct. 28)

A 3-Minute Hug
Families separated at the U.S.-Mexico border get three minutes to hug in this documentary that will hug the tears out of your eyeballs. (Trailer / Monday, Oct. 28)

Arsenio Hall: Smart & Classy
Arsenio Hall may be smart and classy, but the jury is still out on whether or not he's funny. (Trailer / Tuesday, Oct. 29)

Flavorful Origins: Yunnan Cuisine, Season 2
Ever pull out an old carton of Chinese takeout and wonder where it came from? Well, this food docuseries will try to show you. (Trailer / Wednesday, Oct. 30)

Kengan Ahura, Season 1
In this hardcore Japanese anime, mega-corporations make business deals by sending gladiators to fight. If only real corporate business was this fun and not built just to destroy the middle class and hand all the power and wealth to people who inherited their social status. (Trailer / Thursday, Oct. 31)

Nowhere Man, Season 1
A gangster gets thrown in jail and must do everything he can to get out and rescue his family, but when the show should just be an action shoot-em-up, it starts to ask questions about fate and destiny rather just fill people full of lead. (Trailer / Thursday, Oct. 31)

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