'Tis the season to start firing up some holiday film fare because this year there are a lot of solid streaming choices for Christmas movie fans to sift through. Netflix subscribers in particular are in for some tinselly treats as the service has started putting out more and more holly jolly originals — most of them starring celebs you will definitely recognize from your favorite TV shows — to keep pace with the cable networks who've become celebrated for their yuletide collections, like Hallmark and Freeform.

In addition to Netflix original films, the streaming giant also has a lots of other festive favorites, so here's a look at the best of what Netflix has to offer this winter.

The Christmas Prince

Okay, okay, so the whole "ordinary girl meets handsome prince and falls in love" thing is a little stale, but when you sprinkle a little holiday cheer on top, things get pretty festive. Starring Rose McIver and Ben Lamb, A Christmas Prince is a love story for the blogging age. As a bonus, you can now also watch the sequel to this film, The Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding, which sheds some light no the royal couple's happily ever after.

The Holiday Calendar

Another new holiday rom-com that's worthy of your time is this cozy tale of a struggling photographer (played by Kat Graham) who receives an old advent calendar that seems to be predicting her future, including a budding love affair. D'aw. As a bonus, it also stars This Is Us' Ron Cephas Jones, so you just know you're going to catch feels from his performance alone.

The Princess Switch

Ah yes, the classic life swap between someone with gobs of privilege who just wants to experience the humdrum of ordinary life and an ambitious normie who just wants to take a week off to play dress up as royalty. Fun times. The Christmas Switch features Vanessa Hudgens doing double duty as two look-alike distant relatives who trade lives, and while the film is as predictable as it sounds, it's total comfort food. (Literally, there's also a hefty amount of baking involved in this movie).

The Christmas Chronicles

The Christmas Chronicles has got all the ingredients for some wholesome holiday cheer: a salty Santa Claus (Kurt Russell) who likes to boogie, a gaggle of tiny elves that do the floss, and some curious kids who'll have to help them all save Christmas. So prepare for Santa to have a whole new bag when this movie drops on Thursday, Nov. 22.

Christmas Inheritance

This holiday film might be made of cheese, but it's still pretty fun to watch as the hot mess daughter of a high-powered CEO has to get her act together if she wants her chance at advancement. But she discovers that the small town she's sent on an errand to brings out a more thoughtful side of herself than she'd ever known before.

Love Actually

Few films conjure up so many emotions just by mentioning the title, but Love Actually does that and more. The film features an array of different people whose love life challenges are much more gutting than your average hokey holiday fare — from the guy who's secretly in love with his best friend's wife, to the woman whose husband has eyes for his secretary, to the woman who has a chance with the man of her dreams but has to sacrifice that connection to help a loved one in need, there are a lot of gut punches to enjoy in this movie. And while not everyone will get the happiest ending, the Christmas spirit is definitely strong with this one.

White Christmas

This classic Christmas movie centers on a quartet of talented performers — played by Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen — who team up to help save the day for a sweet little country inn from financial ruin. It's quite a show.

The Nutcracker

When it comes to holiday ballets, nothing even comes close to The Nutcracker, Tchaikovsky's seminal work about little Marie and her showdown with the Mouse King. George Balanchine's 1993 live-action adaptation, starring Jessica Lynne Cohen and Macaulay Culkin captures all of the magical ingredients of the stage versions that have defined childhoods for generations — from the Sweet Sugar Plum Fairy to the Nutcracker's daring effort to save our heroine from evil, giant mice, this is a wintertime fantasy story for the ages.

Mariah Carey's Merriest Christmas

This musical Christmas special, which first debuted on Hallmark in 2015, features Mariah Carey doing what Mariah Carey does best: singing her many sweet, joyful Christmas ballads and talking about how much she loves the holiday. If you can get past the weird spliced-in Santa stuck in traffic storyline, this is a fun one to hum along to. (Note: If you're really into bringing MC along this season, her 2017 animated Christmas movie All I Want for Christmas Is You is available on Amazon Prime).

A Very Murray Christmas

Another celebrity sing-along special that hits all the right notes is Bill Murray's A Very Murray Christmas, which features the legendary actor whose attempts to put on a live Christmas special are thwarted by the snow. He then meets up with a slew of his fellow A-listers in Hollywood, who join him in a series of iconic musical numbers built for the season. It's a whole lot different than the last Christmas movie he starred in, of coursed (that'd be Scrooged, which is available on Starz), but the fever dream styling of the film is still pretty familiar.

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