<EM>Alias</EM> Alias

I can't believe I just had to look up how to spell Eurythmics. Blame the Santa Ana winds or the L.A. fires, accuse me of Valley Fever, it doesn't matter I'm disappointed, and this week's soundtrack is only the beginning. Observe: 
  I only laughed once.
 I was bored enough to start looking for "clues," like the apple on the teacher's desk. (Does anyone have a screengrab?)
 I thought the actual Chris Rock would play a bigger part in the show.
 I'm thinking of watching the East Coast broadcast from now on, which would sort of free up my Thursday nights.
I now feel it's OK to point out that I thought Chris had darker skin.

With that said, let me attempt to save face, as this is only the third episode and a whole season is still ahead of us. Chris can't always be funny, and the jocks saved him this time. His comeback to the school bully  "Good luck finding an ax to go with that shirt" is honestly my favorite line of the series so far. And some of the racier stuff is getting funny instead of just surprising, like the basketball coach's diagram of Chris "with the ball, and the rest of the guys gettin' out of his way." But alas, if Chris' parents really did rent a room to a creepy criminal, it could have waited a few episodes or seasons. That never would have happened at the Cosbys' or on The Wonder Years. But it could have happened on Malcolm in the Middle, and Chris does get along with those nerds... hmm.