I can't believe I'm still watching and liking this show. I thought the first episode was a fluke because of the Wentworth Miller effect, but it is seriously my guilty pleasure. J. Love runs into double trouble with twins, one dead and one alive. The dead one is kind of scary, especially with the message that she leaves on the windshield of her father's car. Even creepier is watching Melinda having conversations with herself in the middle of the street. Sure, she quickly brushes it off as chatting on her cell phone, but the second she stops talking to the ghost, she picks up her cell phone to make a call for real. Oh, yeah, that makes sense. It was nice to get a bit of a backstory on Melinda and her grandmother. Do psychic abilities skip a generation, and is that why the mom didn't get it? Love that the way they make Melinda look younger is by slapping some braces on her and giving her some teenage clothes. I hope there are more flashbacks to come; I love laughing at the fashion faux pas.