Beauty and the GeekTonight we saw a lot of the geeks actually, a bit too

much for my taste. What trip to Las Vegas would be complete without a game of strip poker? Sarah

confessed she wasn't wearing a bra and was worried about having to play. Easy there, fellas, it actually wasn't the beauties who were forced to take it all off. All I have to say is, it was a good thing most of the guys went through that painful chest-waxing in last week's makeover challenge, so watching them get down to their bare essentials wasn't as brutal as it could have been. And, of course, this was Sin City, so everyone got freaky on the dance floor while tossing back a few cocktails. Let's not forget about Wes and Cher, who ended up spending the night together, with "the covers moving about," as Josh put it. Seems like those nerds sure know how to be naughty! Right, so back to the game. Ankur, did you really just attempt a sexy striptease to reveal that you wear briefs? Poor Jennipher looked so embarrassed to learn her partner was wearing "tighty whities." Even though I laughed at Brittany when she said a good poker face would help her "to play really well poker," she actually won the game, beating Cher, who had huffed and bluffed her way into intimidating the other girls to fold. I wasn't too sad to say goodbye to Danielle and Karl, who were eliminated in the end, but I sure do hope Karl has taken something from this experience and is able to give up his Dungeons and Dragons Master title when he gets home.