Beauty and the Geek
Tonight the show got back to basics with its "geeky" challenge: rocket science for the girls and a fashion test for the guys. But why is it that the girls always seem to have to compete in both parts? In the first episode they had to dance with their partners, last week they were subjected to massages while wearing only teeny bikinis and this time they had to model the outfits that the guys picked out for them. Is this just a gratuitous way to get them in tiny clothes? Or is this somehow helping the geeks? Wait, not sure I want to know the answer to that, especially with the way Shawn was drooling over his partner Scarlet. Which surprisingly didn't seem to bother Chuck, who was letting his fingers do the walking while trying to woo the pretty Latina. Richard? I don't even know where to go with him, he's so out there. I can't believe that Mindi spooned him. Ack! They should win just for that. Scantily clad Krystal and Brad with the cold sore on his lip were sent home (Eww... he is Erika's dream man? Wait, did she give that to him or vice versa?) But their ouster did mean one good thing: an appalled look on Caitilin's face when &#252bernerd Richard strolled back in. — Angel Cohn

Dancing with the Stars
"G.I." Joey McIntyre jumped over Ashly's head. Wow. Didn't see that one coming, or the period costume. The young couple both looked like they were having tons of fun out there. He and John O'Hurley are by far the most fun celebs to watch, so I was biting my nails when it came down to the New Kid and the boxer in the bottom two. I was about ready to start writing my diatribe about this stupid voting system that allows people to vote for people they like, regardless of their dancing abilities. I mean, I like Evander Holyfield, and I think it is pretty amazing that he even attempted this show, but he's never going to gain the grace and lightness that you need to be a ballroom dancer. As for all the people who wrote in to tell me that they voted for Kelly Monaco because they were GH fans? Yeah, I get that, but it seems to go against the purpose of the show, which is to reward dancers based on a specific performance. If the audience vote for Kelly that was revealed tonight were actually based on her upbeat little jive instead of last week's less-than-perfect rumba, I'd be happier. And sure, I understand that she's working hard, but all of the celebs out there are amateurs, and before this week, her progress was seriously slower than the others'. Meanwhile, I'm wondering if John was serious about that Speedo comment — that certainly would add some spice to the show. And speaking of needing a little flavor, can someone please tell the band to put a little more spunk in their music? Right now they sound like the group you'd rent for your prom, and for a big national TV show, it would be nice if they were at least the kind you'd want at your wedding. — AC

30 Days
Is Morgan Spurlock trying to punish himself for being so successful with Super Size Me? He starts this painful experiment literally the day after he lost the best-documentary Oscar to the one about kids in brothels. He and his fianc&#233e, lovely vegan chef Alex, will live in Columbus, Ohio, on minimum wage for 30 days, just to see what it's like. What did poor Alex do to deserve this? Anyone who's read Barbara Ehrenreich's Nickel and Dimed (an eye-opening and entertaining book, if you haven't) knows how this one's going to turn out. Yet the couple seem really optimistic as they move into the apartment where a homeless person was squatting the day before, conveniently located above what was recently a crack house, according to their cheerful landlord. And what luck! They find crappy jobs right away! But already by Day 3, things get serious, and the show isn't all voyeuristic fun. (At least there's an excellent soundtrack to keep me happy.) Alex's dishwashing job at the coffee shop won't pay her for weeks, while $7 an hour for Morgan at the temp labor agency actually translates to $4 an hour when you factor in transportation and waiting for an assignment. Morgan's coworker says their pay is less than he made in his first job 29 years ago. Thanks, Morgan, for lifting the mood with silly songs about picking up trash and pronouncements like, "It's like heaven, with boxes" about your workplaces. Cartoons help, too.

I wish those politicians who've kept minimum wage at $5.15 since 1997 would watch this — or at least the people who voted for those politicians. When disaster strikes in the form of Alex's infection and Morgan's hurt wrist, I'm about to give up on mankind altogether. At least these two can ignore their astronomical hospital bill until after the experiment is over, what does everyone else do? As their bank balance sinks lower and lower, I'm getting really stressed out for them, not to mention cold while watching them wait for the bus all the time. It seems a little foolish of them to invite Morgan's teenage niece and nephew for the weekend, so they could see how people manage to spread the money even thinner with kids to feed. Good call though, buddy, forcing Alex to go out to dinner with you for her 30th birthday. That $20 meal may have blown the budget, but I have a feeling it saved your future marriage. As did Morgan's decision to host the rest of the five episodes of this show instead of participating in them himself. He says he's a better person for having done his 30 days, but I'm also sure he's pretty happy to go home. — Sabrina Rojas Weiss

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