Beauty and the Geek
After two months, eight couples, chest waxes, a round of strip poker, a lingerie fashion shoot and a final elimination round going into triple overtime, a new beauty and geek were at last crowned. I'm a bit disappointed that Cher and

Josh ended up taking the prize over Joe and Brittany since Cher got on my nerves about 99 percent of the time. But I do have to hand it to Josh: He's definitely made the biggest improvement and could always be counted on as a source of entertainment. They even spent a good amount of time on how Josh was finally able to get into the hot tub, which he dubbed his "social baptism." It took a lot of guts to show off his 5-foot-4, 104-pound figure, since he admitted his body was "not a wonderland" but a "kind of freak show." For their last day, each couple taught their partners about something they love in life. So Josh took Cher fly-fishing (yawn), Joe explained the rules of chess to Brittany (bigger yawn), and Brittany showed off her ice-skating skills while Joe tried not to fall on his butt (OK, a little funny). The best, though, was Cher teaching Josh how to make sushi. Josh asked her if he could add a matzo ball to the miso soup even though he didnt think there had ever been a "Jewish sushi chef." And what reality-show finale would be complete without a "looking back" montage accompanied by cheesy background music over slow-mo footage. Oh wait, that's just James Blunt singing. Congrats to the winning team and best of luck to next season's contestants in beating Josh's act.