Ever wonder how much a night with former Baywatch babe Brandy Ledford might go for? Well, at least one lucky gent will get the answer to that very question this weekend... sort of. "I play a hooker with a heart of gold," she tells TV Guide Online of her memorable big-screen appearance in Rat Race. "Is there any other kind?"

The movie, which wrapped before Ledford stepped into her starring role on the Sci Fi Channel series The Invisible Man (airing Fridays at 8 pm/ET), is "a loose, loose remake of It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World," explains Ledford, "combined with a little bit of Cannonball Run."

Of course, neither of those zany flicks featured scenes even remotely similar to the one in which Ledford finds herself immersed in Rat Race (opening Friday). "Dave Thomas plays a lawyer who makes a wager on how much money it would take for a hooker to sit in a Jacuzzi filled with Pepto Bismol wearing nothing but a sailor cap," she laughs. (There's an even more perverse twist that we won't spoil here.)

While refusing to reveal who wins the dash for cash at the heart of the film, the former Penthouse Pet — who dyed her blonde hair brown between her film and TV gigs — is willing to dispel a long-standing myth: "Brunettes definitely have more fun," she teases. "Sorry, guys."