Although superspy Alex Monroe scoffs at the idea of being attracted to co-worker Darien Fawkes, her alter ego, actress Brandy Ledford (formerly of Baywatch Hawaii), thinks that the lady doth protest too much.

"How could she not be [drawn to him]? He's so good-looking, and has such a great personality," she tells TV Guide Online. "And she's definitely turned on by the whole phenomenon of him being able to make himself invisible!"

That's right — the object of Alex's subliminal affections is none other than the title character of the Sci Fi Channel's sophomore hit The Invisible Man, on which she makes her debut tomorrow night at 8 pm/ET. And while most of the sparks flying between the pair are generated by vigorous head-butting, Ledford reveals that she and leading man Vincent Ventresca will prove to be an incendiary duo. "As an agent first — and she is an agent first — I don't think she trusts him," she says. "She doesn't have a lot of respect for him, because he's a former thief and she's on the right side of the law. It's very much a love-hate thing."

And what of Darien's partner, Hobbes, who also seems very interested in pursuing "undercover" work with the Agency's new employee? "Alex is always with them, what with the three of them working so closely together," Ledford observes. "But hey, she's got two cute guys fawning over her. What more could a woman want?"