The CW released its annual "Heroes & Villains" trailer highlighting its costumed crimefighters and crime perpetrators, giving fans of the Arrowverse a glimpse of what's to come (and what's already happened) in a two-minute sizzle reel.

But this one has something pretty tantalizing: a tease of Batwoman!

Batwoman is getting her own show on The CW in the future, and will make her first appearance in the Arrowverse during the annual crossover event that smashes all The CW superhero shows together (well, except for Black Lightning, which remains independent). According to the trailer, the crossover is coming in December.

The rest of the video has glimpses of the last seasons of Arrow, Black Lightning, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, and The Flash.

Check the video out, and stick around to the end for the tease of Batwoman.