Battlestar Galactica One thing I've learned doing this job is that I develop biases to the point of blindness. Take this show. After one subpar episode, a return to form and then another so-so installment (the hostage crisis), I was beginning to worry. Still, I didn't give the

Galactica folks too hard a time when I would've blasted lesser shows for committing the same sins, because I

wanted to believe it was just a couple of hiccups. And right I was. This was one of the good ones, with the "barely competent and paranoid" Garner creating strife as commander of "the beast" (Pegasus), Roslin tackling her reelection and the abortion question, and then Garner leading his ship directly into a Cylon trap. If Apollo and Starbuck hadn't been onboard, I would've assumed this was the writers' chance to take Pegasus out of the picture and restore Galactica to its lone-wolf status. But I was pleasantly surprised to see that after Garner's The Poseidon Adventure moment poor John Heard doesn't seem destined to survive long on a hit series, what with his Sopranos bridge dive and now this Adama promoted Apollo to commander of the Pegasus. Interesting twist, as was the handshake-hug with Starbuck (still not sure what's going on there, but I know I'm not buying the relationship with Dee). Between that and Baltar stabbing Roslin in the back to declare his candidacy, Galactica appears to be back on course, big-picture-wise. Number Five was sure happy, anyway. But that can't be a good thing.