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Battlestar Galactica
It occurs to me that Zarek's supposed to be a brilliant plotter, but can he really be that sharp if he's planning to kill Apollo, the guy whose dad commands a huge flying fortress chock-full of highly trained fighting forces and weaponry capable of leveling a planet? Just asking. And while we're on the subject of smart, does Baltar realize he can't win a battle of wits with the brilliant artificial woman who calls his noggin home? Case in point: She toys with him, telling him there's no chip in his brain and he's actually just plain-old crazy. The only one who can mess with a man's head better than a gorgeous girl is a gorgeous girl who lives there. And we're not done with the IQ games just yet, since Cylon Boomer tells Helo she's smarter than he is and he concedes the point because she knows the difference between further and farther. Which means she's more on the ball than me, too, since I can never remember which is which.

Me, I can't figure out if Cylon Boomer really is acting on her own, or carrying out a grand Cylon plan and playing Helo and everyone else for fools. She takes out Zarek's murderous pal (sorry you couldn't stick around, Ganz), gets the drop on Adama and then hands over the gun, but that could just be because she's just that brilliant a tactician and is really suckering them. And I have to admit I was expecting the tomb of Athena to have some sort of booby trap in it since I was raised on too many Indiana Jones movies, but was pleasantly surprised to see them throw in the twist of teleporting the group to the real, Earthlike tomb. And again, it's a good thing those people, too, are smarter than I am and know their astronomy. If you had to count on my knowledge of our nearby constellations, you'd blow past Earth and be somewhere past galaxy CL1358+62 before you even knew anything was amiss.  Michael Peck