Returns: Friday, April 4, at 10 pm/ET (Sci Fi) Number of new episodes: 10 Where we left off: In fracking shock! Cylon haters Chief Tyrol, Tigh, Anders and Presidential aide Tory learn they are themselves machines. Cancer stricken Roslin and several Cylons had visions of the opera house and human/cylon baby Hera. Baltar was judged innocent of treason, then found himself worshipped by a batty cult. And presumed dead Starbuck is alive... and claiming she has a message that will save humanity. But will it? What's next: "There's going to be a lot of dissension and distrust" as Tigh, Tyrol, Anders and Foster make sense of their new "Toaster" identities, says exec producer Ronald D. Moore. Watch full episodes | Photos | More Returning Favorites coverage