Battlestar Galactica Ever get the feeling that Apollo is actually three different characters and that the writers just keep typing his name in the script by mistake, so he ends up participating in stories that were supposed to be handed to someone else? (Trigger fingers off the feedback form, please; I still love this show and rarely have a bad thing to say about it, but I'll take my favorites to the woodshed now and then, when they drop below the admirably high standards they've already set.) First we see the "48 hours earlier" gimmick yet again. Thought it was cool the first time, guys, but give us a while to miss it before reusing it, huh? Then there's the cardinal rule of storytelling: You toss in information about a character as if it's been out there all along at your peril. All of a sudden Apollo is in love with a hooker? When I was already trying to let his schizo Dee-Starbuck behavior slide? Not a terrible thing, but the cumulative effect of this stuff begins to bother me. Then there's the black-market investigation. In addition to being an ace pilot, Apollo's suddenly a junior Sonny Crockett? I suppose I buy that

Bill Duke's Phelan apparently has free run of military vessels. Considering the power of the black market, I'll let that slide, too. But then Apollo's running around on a one-man operation without any backup? And Phelan says he knows who Apollo is and knows who his father is, but doesn't care? Uh... his dad commands a battleship and the entire military. Tony Soprano would know enough to care. All the same, the best shows have less-than-perfect episodes, and the moment where Phelan misjudged  Apollo and died for his mistake was trite but good (though I would've kept him around awhile for his menace potential). Interesting tension between Roslin and Baltar, too. Not quite the usual stellar effort, Galactica people, but everyone has their down weeks.