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Reality stars: You love them. You hate Omarosa. At least according to a poll TV Guide conducted with Bravo, home of Battle of the Network Reality Stars (premiering Aug. 17 at 9pm/ET), which has 32 of your favorites duking it out on — and off — the playing field. "The show is an opportunity for reality stars to be themselves and not hold anything back," says Bravo's Cori Abraham. "It's not a show that's gunning for people to cry." But thankfully, they do. Here are some highlights from the poll (results rounded up to the nearest whole number).

Who is the most-hated reality star of all time?
Omarosa (The Apprentice50%
Richard Hatch (Survivor: Borneo) 23%
Puck (The Real World: San Francisco) 19%
Wendy Pepper (Project Runway) 8%

Who is the most-loved reality star of all time?
Clay Aiken (American Idol 235%
Kelly Clarkson (American Idol) 34%
Rupert Boneham (Survivor: Pearl Islands) 22%
Adam Mesh (Average Joe) 8%

Which reality-star couple would you trust to raise your child?
Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey (Newlyweds54%
Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne (The Osbournes) 26%
Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown (Being Bobby Brown) 10%
Britney Spears and Kevin Federline (Britney & Kevin: Chaotic) 10%

Which reality star would be your first dodgeball target?
Richard Hatch (Survivor: Borneo42% 
Heidi Bressler (The Apprentice) 32%
Will Kirby (Big Brother 2) 14%
Wendy Pepper (Project Runway) 13%

Which reality star would you most like to see in a Speedo?
Evan Marriott (Joe Millionaire35% 
Burton Roberts (Survivor: Pearl Islands) 27%
Mike "the Miz" Mizanin (The Real World: Back to New York) 24%
Will Wikle (Big Brother 5) 14%

Which reality star deserves his or her own TV series?
William Hung
(American Idol 331% 
Jay McCarroll (Project Runway) 27%
Richard Hatch (Survivor: Borneo) 23%
Omarosa (The Apprentice) 19%

Which reality-show star is most likely to cheat to win?
Richard Hatch
(Survivor: Borneo) 57%
Will Kirby (Big Brother 2) 20%
Chip McAllister
(The Amazing Race 5) 13%
Wendy Pepper (Project Runway) 10%

Which reality-show stars would you most like to see kiss?
Evan Marriott (Joe Millionaireand Brittany Brower (America's Next Top Model) 32%
Evan Marriott and Bob "Kissing Bandit" Guiney (The Bachelor) 24%
Evan Marriott and Valerie Penso (Temptation Island) 22%
Evan Marriott and Tina "Fabulous" Panas (The Bachelor) 22%

Which reality-show star do you think would get the lowest score on a mental challenge?
Nikki McKibbin (American Idol) 30%
Evan Marriott (Joe Millionaire) 28%
Matt Kennedy Gould
(The Joe Schmo Show) 26%
Susan Hawk (Survivor: Borneo) 16%

Which reality-show stars would you like to see battle it out in a tug o' war?
Brittany Brower (Top Model) v. Rachel Love-Fraser (The Swan) 37%
Brian Worth (Average Joe) v. Burton Roberts (Survivor: Pearl Islands) 24%
Chip McAllister (TAR 5) v. Kim McAllister (TAR 5) 20%
Charla Faddoul (TAR 5) v. Mirna Hindoyan (TAR 5) 18%

Which reality-show star would you vote for as "most likely to succeed?"
Heidi Bressler (The Apprentice) 43%
Adam Mesh (Average Joe) 22%
Gervase Peterson (Survivor: Borneo) 19%
Charla Faddoul (TAR 5) 16%

Which reality-show star would you vote for as "the biggest bully"?
Richard Hatch (Survivor: Borneo) 41%
Will Kirby (Big Brother 2) 25%
Coral Smith (The Real World: Back to New York) 18%
Heidi Bressler (The Apprentice) 17%

Which reality-show star would you vote for as "the class clown"?
Mike "Boogie" Malin (Big Brother 2) 30%
Matt Kennedy Gould (The Joe Schmo Show) 29%
Jonny Fairplay (Survivor: Pearl Islands) 25%
Melissa Howard (The Real World: New Orleans) 15%

Who is the most memorable reality star of all time?
Richard Hatch (Survivor: Borneo) 33%
William Hung (American Idol 3) 31%
Omarosa (The Apprentice) 20%
Puck (The Real World: San Francisco) 17%

Who is your favorite reality-show host?
Jeff Probst (Survivor) 30%
Ryan Seacrest (American Idol) 27%
Joe Rogan (Fear Factor) 23%
Donald Trump (The Apprentice) 20%

Which reality show would you most like to be a contestant on?
The Amazing Race 31%
The Apprentice 29%
The Bachelor
/The Bachelorette 17%

The poll was conducted July 14-15, 2005, among 1000 adults 18 and over by TNS, using its Express Online Internet Omnibus.