Project Runway's Heidi Klum by Virginia Sherwood/Bravo Photo Project Runway's Heidi Klum by Virginia Sherwood/Bravo Photo

When Harvey Weinstein and co. surprised Bravo by snipping its ties with the net and taking their fierce reality hit Project Runway to Lifetime for its sixth season, we figured things would get ugly. Yesterday in New York State Supreme Court, Weinstein and Jeff Zucker, president of NBC Universal (Bravo's parent company) proved us right by exchanging harsh words and accusations.

According to a story in Ad Week, Zucker says Weinstein promised him the right of first refusal, a chance to match an offer from another net. Weinstein vehemently denied this, saying, "I'd rather cut off my arm than give them a right of first refusal." Zucker testified that that there had also been discussions about possibly moving the show from Bravo to USA or even NBC, but Weinstein said that "They kicked me out in 10 minutes" when it came time to talk about such a move.

What a fashionably ferocious war of words. One thing's for sure - neither side is likely to mend this torn relationship anytime soon. - Nina Hämmerling Smith

What do you think? Will Weinstein and Zucker make it work - or work it out?