Alec Baldwin by Paul Drinkwater/NBC Photo Alec Baldwin by Paul Drinkwater/NBC Photo

Jack Donaghy's about to meet someone who can buy and sell him.

Alec Baldwin confirmed for Extra that Oprah Winfrey is coming to 30 Rock, though he didn't say whether his network impresario will have a run-in with the talk show queen, or whether she'll play herself.

Baldwin did talk up Jennifer Aniston's upcoming appearance as a "man-eater" who targets alpha men. "Tina warns me about her, and I say, 'Don't worry, I recognize those kinds of women,'" Baldwin shared. "Count to three, and she and I are coming out of my bathroom with our clothes off."

Baldwin's been pretty chatty lately, complaining to the New Yorker about NBC doing little to promote 30 Rock, instead focusing on Scrubs and My Name Is Earl. "Those shows are done! They're cooked!" he said.

But over the weekend, he apologized to the cast and crews of said shows via his Huffington Post blog: "In my frustration with NBC's reprehensible promotion of 30 Rock, I took an unfortunate swipe at both of those shows and that was not cool." - Gina DiNunno

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