Don't fuhgetabout a sixth Sopranos season just yet. According to The Hollywood Reporter, series creator/executive producer David Chase is talking to HBO about the possibility of doing a sixth season. (The show's fifth season is currently in production and is slated to debut in early 2004.) Meanwhile, James Gandolfini has taken a giant step towards repairing his image in the wake of his very public salary renegotiation with HBO earlier this year. The Emmy winner, who recently received an advance on his share of the Sopranos profits from the network, reportedly handed out $500,000 in checks to more than a dozen of his fellow cast members. (Let's hope Edie Falco got most of the moolah.) "It was always part of his plan to share some of the wealth with the other actors," a source close to Gandolfini tells THR. "He has always called this show an ensemble, from Day 1."