Edie Falco by Steve Granitz/ WireImage.com Edie Falco by Steve Granitz/ WireImage.com

Showtime is really racking up the classy actresses, eh? Edie Falco is the latest Emmy bait to get her own show on the cable network, following in the prestigious, high-minded footsteps of Mary-Louise Parker ( Weeds) and Toni Collette (the upcoming The United States of Tara). Falco's as-yet-untitled show is described as a dark comedy about a strong-willed inner-city nurse whose competence on the job contrasts with her disastrous personal life.

I'm intrigued. After The Sopranos, of course, it's difficult to imagine Falco in any role that doesn't call for a severe manicure, a pan of ziti, and a potty mouth. But she has played un-Carmela-like roles in her celebrated stage work and in small films like Judy Berlin and Sunshine State. And she demonstrated some zingy comic timing with Alec Baldwin ("I love that we both treat sex as a competition") during her too-brief guest run on 30 Rock as a whale-torture-opposed congresswoman. So I'm in. How about you? - Mickey O'Connor