Gilmore Girls Gilmore Girls

Too bad Lorelai wasn't there to see that one, huh? Her prim and proper, buttoned-up-to-here mother giving Shira Huntzberger the blue-blood bitch slap. No actual contact occurred, just plenty of calmly delivered, sweetly stated, cold, hard insults. My favorite? "You're a two-bit gold digger who got off the bus from Hicksville when you met Mitchum at whatever bar you stumbled into." Go, Emily, go! Someone had to take down that horrible family, especially since Richard clearly wasn't up to the task. (And what took the two of them so freaking long in the first place?) While Richard did push hard for an explanation from Mitchum, he said very little to defend Rory. ("You crushed that girl!" Uh, you tell him, Richie. As if Mitchum actually cared about how Rory felt.) I was hoping he'd actually belt the guy, but that would have been most improper. I was able to forgive Richard's horrible misstep when he got all teary-eyed watching Rory thank her guests at the USO party. It seems as if he's accepted what Rory has become: a brilliant but lost soul whose dreams were crushed by a heartless, self-righteous, wealthy snob. At that moment, no one could deny that he and Emily truly love Rory. Now whether they're going to do right by her, and by that I mean encourage her to go back to Yale, is another story. Doing so would mean ending their dysfunctional battle with Lorelai. And I am not so certain they're ready to wave the white flag on that war.