Not that bad an episode, I must say. It was appropriately creepy: Clark and Mama Kent came clean to each other about Lionel knowing the truth about Clark's identity and there was loads of Lionel and Martha action. There was even a little quality Lex-Clark time (being somewhat civil to each other, that is). Plus, I totally dug how Clark stepped up to Lionel at the end. He was very menacing and he achieved this level of intensity without being under the influence of any sort of bad kryptonite. Bravo, Clark. Bravo.

It wasn't too hard to guess who the masked man was. Speaking of the mask, didn't it look part Dr. Doom and part aluminum lid of a Jiffy Popcorn container? Just saying. Anyway, from what I understand, "Mercy" was kind of Saw-like in nature. I really wouldn't know. I have never seen the movie nor will I ever see the movie. I'm not being pretentious or anything, I'm just a total wuss when it comes to all things horror-fied on the big screen. Seriously, remind me to tell you exactly which big-time flicks I have never seen. And didn't Lionel's work phone call at the beginning of the episode seem like one of Donald Trump's seemingly faux "I'm doing big billion-dollar business in the back of my limo on my way to an important billion-dollar business meeting" scenes on The Apprentice?

"Thank you, son."
"He's the kind of son a father could be proud of."
"I only want what's best for you, son."

Lionel keeps referring to Clark as "son." He seems to speak about Clark with much more affection than he does about Lex. What's the deal? Do all roads lead back to Jorel? Remind me why I like Lionel when he's such a bad dude and an even worse father. But I'm so willing to cut him some slack when he offers to sacrifice himself for Martha and her family's secret. I don't trust him, but I want to. Especially since I definitley see sparks between John Glover and Annette O'Toole. I hope I'm not betraying Jonathan/John Schneider when I say that. But Clark is probably right not to fall for Lionel's selfless act. The ending with the elder Luthor writhing in pain and writing something down only made me say "huh?" for like the zillionth time this season.

Finally, when Clark stopped Martha and Lionel's elevator free fall, I thought that was just the coolest scene. Lionel seeing Martha's son using his superstrength; the camera zooming in on Clark's face and then showing Lionel's "even though I knew about your powers, I'm still shocked to see you in action" reaction. Loved it. The jury's out on Lana and Lex's chess-game conversation, though. I just can't figure out if I want these two together.