Another scandal is rocking Saturday Night Live — and this one promises to make that whole Ashlee Simpson brouhaha look like tabloid filler. Showbiz icon Miss Piggy claims Robert De Niro insulted her during rehearsals for last week's show, prompting her to pull out of a special Muppet-themed musical performance. "Moi was all set to appear on SNL with Kermie and Robert De Niro, until Mister Vous-Talkin'-to-Moi? told me I would have been perfect in his new movie Meet the Porkers," she tells TV Guide Online exclusively. "Needless to say, I stormed off the set, deeply offended... but willing to consider offers to appear in the sequel." This is probably a good time to point out that "Entertainment News" will be posting only sporadic news updates (some serious, others not so much) on Thursday and Friday in light of Santa Claus' impending arrival. Happy holidays!