Kiptyn and Reid, The Bachelorette Kiptyn and Reid, The Bachelorette

Becoming the runners-up on The Bachelorette made Kiptyn Locke and Reid Rosenthal the most obvious front-runners to be the next Bachelor - but which would you prefer?

Neither one is set on the idea, but neither is ruling it out, either.

"It's something I'd think about," Kiptyn told reporters, while Reid was a little bit more hesitant: "I have been thinking about it and I'm not sure yet."

While both say they haven't yet revisited the dating scene, neither has regrets. Reid, who was able to return the ring he intended to give to Jillian, is back to working in real estate in Philadelphia. "My priority right now is getting my business organized because it's so busy from the show. At the same time there has been some opportunities coming to me that I never even imagined." The only downside to coming home? "I love Philly but the dating scene is not optimal," he said.

Kiptyn, who experienced his first ever heartbreak on The Bachelorette, also says he grew from the process. "It definitely was worth it, I learned a lot of stuff about myself and it makes you stronger."