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Some men on The Bachelorette are beginning to stand out, but not in a good way. While Emily may still have her eyes on Ryan, viewers are starting to see his true colors and question his sincerity. In this week's chat with Chris Harrison, he shares how Ryan has crossed the line from confident to cocky, why Doug's perfection reeks of insincerity, and he tells us which guy will emerge in next week's episode.

Emily is wondering if Doug is as perfect as he seems. What do you think?
Chris Harrison:
You just can't come across so self-deprecating, so perfect and so polished all the time — it just reeks of insincerity. You can tell he has a short fuse because the guys started pushing his buttons and got to him pretty quickly. But it's not that he's not a good guy. He's a great dad and has an amazing life story, but I think he's covered a lot of things up in compensating for a lot of the bad in his life. That's a red flag for Emily, so Doug has a lot of work to do.

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What did you think about Chris confronting Doug at the cocktail party?
Good for Chris for standing up and saying, "Enough!" With a smile on his face and being sweet, Doug was kind of ripping him for being young and inexperienced, and Chris was like, "Screw you guys." Although, I hate to say it, but that's a sign of being young, not being able to let it go and realize the guys are just insecure and trying to find something to get under your skin. An older wiser guy would realize it has nothing to do with you.

Is Ryan as cocky and as much of a jerk as he seems?
Watching it in the control room, I didn't think, "Oh my God! He's the biggest jerk in the world." I just thought he's really crossed that line and is very arrogant. At first he was self-assured, but now I feel like he's just cocky and I don't like cocky people; I don't think most women do. I don't know if he got more comfortable in his surroundings and let his guard down and that's how he really is.

What does Emily think about his comment that he should be the next Bachelor?
Someone said he's the new Bentley, but not at all — he's not playing her. I don't think he said being the Bachelor is the whole reason he's here. He just looks ahead like a lot of these guys probably do and really fancies himself as someone who could be the next Bachelor. I don't think he's doing it to be ugly.

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How intense was the group date?
It was kind of scary. They had some lessons and each team had one guy helping them on the boat, but they were left to their own devices and sailed pretty well. I got back to the hotel at the same time the losing team did and they were so dejected. I was trying to cheer them up, but they were really down and depressed.

Emily and Arie seem to have progressed way beyond the others.
They definitely are on another level, but I'll say this, Emily did a phenomenal job of not shutting down. We've had Bachelors and Bachelorettes in the past that have made the mistake of stopping at this point when they have their "one." She does a good job of staying in the moment with whoever she is with. She gives the opportunity for other guys to catch up. Will they? We'll see.

Was the two-on-one as awkward as it seemed?
Harrison: It was bad, and I don't think the guys helped it at all.

What can you say about next week's episode?
London is a great episode. Talk about her relationship with Arie and people catching up, she has her first serious date with Sean and next week is the emergence of Sean. Emily was under the weather, so it's a bit of a rough one for her and it's also the F-bomb episode. She kind of goes gangster too!