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This week's episode of The Bachelorette proved how easy it is for guys to stick their feet in their mouths. Between Alessandro calling Emily's daughter a "compromise" and Ryan telling Emily he wouldn't "love on her" if she got fat, host Chris Harrison says he's amazed at how dumb the men acted. Keep reading for more from our weekly chat. 

What were you thinking when Alessandro told Emily her daughter would be a "compromise" for him?
Chris Harrison:
 I'm just shocked that at this point, with the classes we took in kindergarten, that guys are still saying idiotic things like that out loud. I was in the control room and we're watching this going, "What are you doing? Just say you made a mistake. She's giving you the out!" It was so bizarre to watch this guy hang himself tighter and tighter. I don't think Emily wanted to send him home, but he kept going and finally she was like, "You're too dumb for your own good." Everything he could've said wrong, he did.

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Sean seemed to be the standout this week. 
Emily's friends are really the ones who put Sean on Emily's radar. What makes him great is that you won't see him doing handstands in front of the crowd, yelling, "Hey look at me." That was the start of the rise of Sean and he'll continue to get better and better in Emily's eyes.

Why didn't Chris just kiss Emily after they climbed to the top of the building?
You'll see these overly respectful guys walk right through these perfectly good signs coming from a woman, and it's totally because she's a single mom and they don't quite know what the rules are. This is a good microcosm of her life — she deals with this all the time — where she's out and likes a guy, throws out signals and they walk right through it and give her a high-five at the top of a building. They're not quite sure what the protocol is and Emily's like, "Protocol is: I'm a cute 26-year-old woman who wants to be kissed. Stop thinking so hard."

She was shocked by his age. Will that be a problem moving forward?
It's definitely a thing. You could hear the record skip a beat. I think she's going to have to give him the same benefit of the doubt someone would give her because she's not your average 26-year-old. It made her take pause and it's something she'll continue to have to deal with.

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I loved Arie's date. How surprised Emily was by Dolly Parton showing up?
That was a huge date for her. Emily meeting Dolly Parton was like she was meeting the president. Even at the end [of filming the season], she still talked about that moment as one of her favorite. Dolly was so sweet and knew Emily's story, so to meet one of your heroes — Emily loved it.

I had to save Ryan for last. Why would he ever tell Emily not to get fat!
Why even enter the gray area? You know better to ever say anything remotely controversial about a woman's weight, especially when you're starting to date her. What's wrong with you? And in front of her friends! All it matters is Emily's opinion and she was offended and was flabbergasted. She played it off well with her friends, but it got to her.

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It looks like he starts to get cocky next week and make people mad.
He starts to get a little arrogant and it gets the better of him. What really does it is that innocent little kiss with Arie and Emily at the end last night's episode — it sends ripple effect through the house. She was in a bad mood with the whole Alessandro thing and then ran into Arie and they happened to have this moment, but unbeknownst to them, the guys could see from the other room.

Next week, the group heads to Bermuda. What can you preview?
These relationships are definitely taking off and the guys know Arie and her have something special, which ratchets up the competitiveness. That regatta on the group date gets rough. Those guys fight for their lives to get some time with her.