The Bachelorette - Ali Fedotowsky, Kasey The Bachelorette - Ali Fedotowsky, Kasey

It's one thing to walk a few miles on crutches to prove your love; it's another to do something permanent. In this week's Bachelorette, Kasey was determined to show Ali that his feelings were genuine after she questioned them. He went out and got a tattoo to resemble his promise to "guard and protect her heart." Host Chris Harrison spoke to about the tattoo and explained why Chris N. keeps getting a rose but has yet to get any screen time. So Kasey and the Weatherman didn't obey your ban on guitars for the season.
Chris Harrison: See what happens, Kasey survived, but Weatherman got the boot. [Kasey] was so over the top with the singing and the "jump on in" line. You hear crickets, it's so uncomfortable. Why do you think Ali kept Kasey around despite the awkwardness?
Harrison: He's a good guy and Ali sees him as a good guy. Maybe she doesn't see getting married to Kasey, but she doesn't fully know everything he has to offer. Deep down I think she probably knows, but just wanted to give Kasey another chance and I think she'll come to regret that once she realizes he has a tattoo.

Bachelor's Chris Harrison: Weatherman's rose might have been out of pity I can't believe Kasey got a tattoo for her.
Harrison: [Laughs.] There's nothing good to say about it. I would love to say, "Oh, that's cute or I get it," but there's nothing good or positive about getting a tattoo on behalf of a girl you're dating to prove your love or affection — especially when you know she's dating 11 other people. Ali told him, "Relax, be yourself," and he goes out and gets a tattoo. He couldn't have misread her signals anymore. He did include a symbol for each guy.
Harrison: That makes it worse. Including the 11 guys she's dating just makes it creepier. 

Bachelorette's Chris Harrison calls Roberto's appeal "the second coming of Antonio Banderas" Who is Chris N. and why does he keep receiving a rose? 
Harrison: There's just been so many other stories. ... a lot of them are really good, but with trying to fit everything in they get lost on the editing room floor. Same thing with Craig R. He just hasn't been a driving force in any stories we feel are worth cutting out something else. He's just an unfortunate victim of editing so far. Were you impressed with how Chris L. handled his semi-canceled birthday date due to Ali's cold?
Harrison: It was almost better she got sick and saw that side of him. That's a guy who gave up his entire life in New York and his career to go be with his dying mom and take care of his family. He had a great birthday. Most guys would be like, "Oh, this sucks I didn't get my date," but he loved it. He's a great guy, and obviously Ali sees that. It seems like Frank is going to start to get a little overly jealous.
Harrison: After their Hollywood date was so good, he was, like, "That's my girlfriend." And it sucks, I get it; you feel like you have a girlfriend and all of a sudden you don't. It starts to affect the way he's acting. He's no longer the cool guy ... now he's the jealous guy ... It's definitely changed him and the pressure's going to get to him a little bit.