Andi Dorfman Andi Dorfman

If there's one thing that became increasingly clear during Andi Dorfman's time on The Bachelor, it's that she's not afraid to speak her mind — and she certainly won't settle for being told, "It's OK." But according to the 26-year-old, there's a whole other side that she can't wait for the world to see.

"Obviously America saw a lot of the tough girl and that's what came out at the very end," Andi tells "But I am a very soft person inside, I'm vulnerable and I'm somebody who is looking for love. I'm not just the tough chick from Atlanta who's an attorney. I'm a girl who wants to be courted and have the love of her life."

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On Monday, The Bachelorette kicks off its tenth season with Andi settling into her temporary L.A. digs before meeting the 25 guys who've earned a chance to win her heart. It wasn't too long ago that Andi herself was flying to California unaware of the journey that awaited her. After meeting Juan Pablo, Andi flew under the radar for awhile, eventually making it past hometown week to the overnight date. Going into the fantasy suite, things seemed to be falling into place for the two, but when they emerged the next morning, it was a different story. Andi called the date a "nightmare" and later, just prior to the rose ceremony, she told Juan Pablo she was going home. A confrontation transpired, and ultimately, Andi left frustrated and alone. But everything worked out for the best when, during the finale's "After the Final Rose" special, hostChris Harrison announced that Andi was the new Bachelorette.

"My biggest fear, honestly, was not finding anybody," Andi says. "Going into the first night I was thinking, 'I don't know if I can do this! I don't know if I can find anybody through this.'"

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Andi's worries were immediately quelled when she met the group of guys who will vie for her affection, including an opera singer, a farmer and a "pantsaprenuer." As viewers already know, one suitor, Eric Hilltragically died in a paragliding accident after he completed filming. About Eric, Andi recently said, "We lost a family member and it's been hard, [but] we are holding on to the legacy of Eric. He really did live life to the fullest and that's something that every single person, cast, crew, production, you know, myself included will take away from Eric and his experience with them."

Looking at the upcoming season, Andi — who might be the first woman to wear a one-piece bathing suit on the show — says it won't rank high on the sexy and scandalous scale. 

"Mine will probably be on the more romantic side," she says. "You will not see a lot of hot-tub scenes; it's not really my thing. But I feel like you can be sexy by being romantic and it doesn't need to involve bikinis and hot tubs."

Watch a sneak peek of the season:

The Bachelorette premieres on Monday at 9:30/8:30c on ABC.