The international harmony of The Bachelor Winter Games could only last so long, and in tonight's episode of the multi-cultural mixer, this season's most controversial contestant arrives to cause some drama.

For us Yanks who don't know, Jordan Mauger was the Bachelor in Season 2 of New Zealand's version of The Bachelor, and he may be the franchise's most loathed star. In addition to calling out the show for being fake, Jordan allegedly — according to his own words on a podcast — flipped a coin to determine which of the two female finalists he would pick to marry. How's that for making a mockery of the show that claims to find true love?

In this exclusive clip of tonight's episode, we see Jordan's entrance. Or rather, we see everyone else's entrance while Jordan sort of sits there. Instantly, the others do not like him, with Canadian James Marsden, aka Kevin, calling Jordan out for not getting up to introduce himself when everyone else returns back to the house. He also says Jordan was drinking a "douchey Scotch." Was it because it wasn't Canadian Club, Kevin?

It's easy to pile on Jordan, but maybe these other guys are making him out to be much worse than he is. Hey, when I'm drinking Scotch in a comfy chair, I don't want to be bothered either.

See Jordan's introduction in tonight's episode of The Bachelor Winter Games at 8/7c on ABC.