The Bachelor: Paris So the women are back and they might be the cattiest bunch ever. I do enjoy the women-tell-all reunions. It's so much fun watching the gals try to polish their images after they realize that the cameras really were rolling 24/7. I can't believe they turned on

Susan like that. She was one of their own, and they made her cry. So not cool. Was Susan acting? I dunno, but between her waterworks skill and her good looks, I'm sure the soaps or

Maxim will come calling soon. Kristin yeah, it was the teeth. You know, <sarcasm> I'm surprised Ali G. skipped the reunion </sarcasm>, but her presence didn't, and we got to see that very special clip one last time. Thank you, ABC. Totally didn't recognize Yvonne with her new 'do. Travis, we love how diplomatic and charming you are, but please stop being so nice just this once and dish a little bit. Like, tell us more about camping with Sarah from Winnipeg. Looks like there was one more lush on the show than I thought, and her name is Sarah I'm-so-trashed-I-can't-remember-my-one-on-one-time-with-Travis. Aww, cute baby-Travis pictures. Oh, baby! Cute grown-up Travis pictures. Biggest surprise revelation on the show? Everybody loves Moana. I didn't see that coming, and I'm worried. The Bachelor never chooses the girl the editors push, so I fear he's going to choose Nashville Sarah. Not to be catty, but we all know how I feel about that. Rhoda Charles

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