The Bachelor: Paris With my best Dieter from Sprockets impersonation, let me say, "This is the point in The Bachelor when we gang up on

Moana." She is the bad girl this year. She's tough, indifferent and self-admittedly not that interested in the Bachelor. Then, like that, she's all into him. So much so that she's breaking down in tears during a heated interview with cast-off candidates, and worse, in front of Travis. Moana, I'm happy you're finally getting these burdens off your chest, but that frozen mask of terror on his face during your purging is killing your chances. I'm not saying a breakdown on your part wasn't warranted. Overhearing the other girls talking nasty about you behind your back and then confronting them can take a lot out of a person, but remember the goal is to win Travis' heart, not his sympathy. At stake this week: the hometown dates. Six women, four roses. Now I'm talking like Chris Harrison. I'm wondering why Sarah Nashville got a rose. No chemistry. None. She has no chemistry with Travis. Did I mention zero chemistry? And she's not too bright either. When Travis says that you've exceeded all his expectations, you might wonder just what he was expecting. Like an Ally McBeal moment, Tara's head almost exploded when she didn't get a rose. She's already been called out as a drunk, so someone please get that girl a drink. Call me cynical but I'm thinking there was a long chat with Travis and the producers about his final four. Remember the scary moment with Moana? Yet he chose her over Jehan, the divorcée (that's her big secret?!). So Sarah Nashville, Moana, Susan and growling Sarah are one step closer to a proposal (and subsequent breakup). Next week Travis touches somebody's monkey. Stay tuned. Rhoda Charles