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Summer may be winding down, but Monday nights are just heating up with the premiere of ABC's newest reality show, Bachelor in Paradise.

The latest spin-off from the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise, this seven-episode series features past Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants living in an isolated, romantic Mexican locale, where they'll take another shot at finding love. The premiere (8/7c) begins with the arrival of eight women and six men, and after a series of dates, each man chooses one woman at the first rose ceremony. But while two ladies leave by the end of the opener, new cast members arrive to shake things up each week.

Meet the cast of Bachelor in Paradise

"With Bachelor Pad, you got caught up in the game, so that's why we tore it apart and retooled it," host Chris Harrison tells "It became about money, and our show and franchise was never about that. So I think people will love that Bachelor in Paradise is about what makes The Bachelor and The Bachelorette great — only it's not just [one guy or one girl]. It's that times 10, which leads to love triangles, drama and amazing dates. If you love Bachelor or Bachelorette you won't not be addicted to it."

Among the first group of houseguests are Clare CrawleyAshLee Frazier,Sarah HerronDaniella McBrideLacy FaddoulMichelle KujawaElise MoscaMichelle MoneyBen ScottRobert GrahamGraham Bunn,Marquel MartinDylan Petitt and Marcus Grodd. Of the bunch, Harrison says, "Michelle K. surprised me the most. People might not remember who she is, but you will in an unbelievable way." (Just watch her slam the door on Harrison here.)

Harrison adds: "I think people lived up to form. More than not, people didn't surprise me and they turned out to be who I thought they were. Whether it was Marquel or Michelle Money or [later arrivals] Jesse Kovacs and Chris Bukowski, whatever you thought of those people will be reconfirmed."

As for some of the newer cast members from Andi's most recent season, Harrison calls Cody "lovable and likable" and Dylan "too reserved." He adds that AshLee from Sean's season is a "tough nut to crack," but that Sarah, also from Sean's installment, is "adorable."

Bachelor in Paradise premieres on Monday at 8/7c on ABC.

Are you excited for Bachelor in Paradise? Watch a sneak peek: