Arie, Courtney Arie, Courtney

Have you missed seeing some of your favorite — or most hated — stars of The Bachelor and Bachelorette reunite? Well, some of them will be back this summer looking for sex love on the newest spin-off, Bachelor in Paradise.

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Premiering on August 4, the six-episode series will feature past cast members living together in an isolated romantic paradise where some may fall in love, where others might get their heart broken (again), and where most likely all of them will be involved in some sort of drama.

So who should return for the reality show's latest installment? Check out our fantasy list below.

Arie Luyendyk, Jr. (Bachelorette Season 8)
Any respectable fan of the show knows this man is a great kisser. (Who hasn't seen this hot makeout sesh?) He even gave Sean advice on the perfect smooch before his season!

Bob Guiney (Bachelor Season 4)
This lovable guy stood out during The Bachelorette's inaugural season and was such a fan-favorite that he starred in his own season of The Bachelor. With his laugh and sexy singing, we'd certainly root for this guy-next-door.

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Courtney Robertson (Bachelor Season 16)
America loves a second act, and who better to return for redemption that the villain from Ben Flajnik's season? Plus: This beauty will have the men fighting over her in no time.

Drew Kenney (Bachelorette Season 9)
Besides being handsome, we know he's sensitive and serious about finding love. The hopeless romantic in us hopes he finds it here.

Kelly Travis (Bachelor Season 18)
If anyone is going to be outspoken it's Kelly. But at least she'll make you laugh while doing it. The only thing we ask is that she brings her adorable pup along for the ride.

Mickey McLean (Bachelorette Season 7)
We'll be honest: We don't know too much about this Cleveland native, but he sure is hot. So, why not?

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Sarah Herron (Bachelor Season 17)

A fan-favorite from Sean's season, she's smart, beautiful and super stylish. We just don't want any guy giving herthis line again.

Sharleen Joynt (Bachelor Season 18)
She was one of the most talked-about girls on Juan Pablo's season, so we're torn between wanting her to stay far far away from the franchise, and seeing how she'd act in a less intense atmosphere. We have a feeling she'd remain classy, kiss a few frogs and still be one of our faves.

Who do you want to see cast on Bachelor in Paradise? Share your picks below.