Rozlyn Papa Rozlyn Papa

With a second season of Bachelor Pad now officially in the works, we asked previous Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants whether they'd be up for the spin-off series. While some have no doubts about doing it, others were a bit more conflicted.

"The wounds were still a little raw from Bachelor, but now that I've had time to cool down a little bit it's something I'd consider," Season 14 Bachelor contestant Rozlyn Papa said. "But it's going to be a tougher decision."

ABC renews Bachelor Pad for Season 2

Gia Allemand, who competed on last summer's Bachelor Pad, said she would be more cautious about who she builds her alliance with.  "I would listen to what everybody tells me about people, and when they say the person's a jerk, [I'd] believe them," she said, referring to Wes Hayden, who she teamed with in the first season.

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Watch other past cast members such as Craig Robinson, Kasey Kahl, and Justin "Rated R" Rego plead their case below. Plus: Which former fan-favorite has ruled the series out completely?