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Chris Harrison told that this week's episode of The Bachelor would have another "first" — and it did. Not only did Jake choose to send home both Ella and Kathryn on his two-on-one date, but he also decided to send an extra woman home during the rose ceremony. spoke to Harrison about Jake "cleaning house" and how Tenley has become the front-runner. This week Jake eliminated both Ella and Kathryn. Were you surprised?
Chris Harrison:
I was, just because he didn't have to. ... I hope everybody is pleasantly surprised at the man he is and how he has really stood up in the last couple of weeks, made some tough decisions and I think he surprises people in a good way. I understand him not wanting to keep Ella away from her son if he didn't feel as strongly toward her, but why not give the others more time if he can?
I told him, "You know you could've easily kept her around; it would've been no sweat for you," but he said, "Look, I knew for a fact it wasn't her." Last week really set him off so at this point he's like, "I'm tired of wasting time, I know she's not the one, let me spend more time at the cocktail party with someone who I am still questioning or I know has a shot. I just rather spend time with people I know have a possibility."

The Bachelor's Jake talks about breaking protocol and the Rozlyn scandal Will there be fewer episodes to air now?
No. It's funny, I saw on the blogs people are saying, "Of course it was a pre-ordained deal, because they would never let him affect the show" but no ...we just adjust. Maybe the next week instead of two going home, one will go home. I don't think people understand how fluid our show always is. People think we go in with grand plan and we follow this script and it's not like that at all; it's never like that. One of the toughest things about doing reality TV, and why our show is so good, is because it's always different and you have to be able to roll with it. If your show isn't organic, especially a reality show, it's not going to be good. Was it fun to leave the Bachelor house this week?
I know the girls definitely liked getting out. It helps Jake and helps the girls to get out of that fishbowl. The house is so confining and they're around each other nonstop, so I think it was good to get out on the road and shake things up a little bit. So now Tenley seems to be the front-runner.
Tenley is beautiful, such a sweet girl, very smart, really articulate, a class woman so it [doesn't] surprise me in that respect. What I think has knocked Ali and Vienna down is each other and their animosity toward each other. I think in Jake's eyes it's a little bit petty and someone like Tenley, who makes it so easy and isn't talking about other women, you can just concentrate on her.

Chris Harrison: You'll see another Bachelor first What can we expect in San Francisco next week?
Ali has home-court advantage, not that it's fair or unfair, but it's her hometown. They have a great time and a great experience because she gets to [have the] hometown date before the hometown date. I don't think we've ever had that before where someone has the show go to their hometown, so it's really cool for her. Since Jake cleaned house and cut four girls, they're really aren't any girls left that he doesn't really care for at this point.

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