The Bachelor The Bachelor

The Bachelor is getting close to the finale, and the remaining women are taking Brad to their hometowns. We took a look at the final four — Shawntel, Chantal, Emily and Ashley H — and sized up the competition.

For her: The two have an easy connection ever since she received the rose during the Week 2 group date.
Against her: Brad, and viewers alike, may be freaked-out by her profession as a funeral home director and embalmer.

For her: She's already said, "I love you," and she was the first woman to have her second one-on-one date. 
Against her: Her father was a former National Football League player and will be hard to impress

For her: Brad has been smitten with the single mom from Day 1 and even broke the rules by promising her a rose last week.
Against her: Meeting Emily's daughter, Ricky, might be too much for him to handle.

Ashley H
For her: She received the season's first one-on-one date, which gave her an advantage from the start.
Against her: Midway through the show, Brad questioned Ashley's overly emotional and slightly possessive side.