If there was ever an antidote to the last season of The Bachelor, this is it. Chris Soules is a down-home, mature, successful All-American man ready for love — pretty much the anti-Juan Pablo.

After flying under the radar, the fourth-generation farmer from Iowa began to win over viewers, and Andi Dorfman, during The Bachelorette with his humble personality and romantic "secret admirer" letters. (Yes, ladies, men like this still exist.) Ultimately, it was during the fantasy suite dates that Andi sent Chris home. While at the time he told us he was heartbroken, he said he felt hopeful love would come his way again. Now, a few months later, Chris is back and ready to find the one and host Chris Harrison says it couldn't be happening to a more appreciative — or genuinely good — guy.

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"He's grateful, he's grounded and he has great perspective on life and what he's looking for," Harrison tells TVGuide.com. "Being from a town of 300 it makes you realize, 'Man, this is the best opportunity I'm going to have to find somebody and I'm going to appreciate it and respect it.' To have all that enthusiasm it gives us a shot in the arm after 13 years. And it's hard to dislike the guy and when you have a hero you're rooting for everything else falls into place."

On Monday's premiere, the 33-year-old begins his journey narrowing down the field of 30 women. Aside from the usual outlandish dates, sexy makeouts (get ready for an outdoor shower!), tears, catfights and women "not here for the right reasons," what can we expect from Season 19? Find out!

Farming puns and analogies galore!
Prince Farming! Field of Dreams. If the first two promos were any indication, we'll be getting lots of puns about Chris' line of work all season long. But it's not just ABC or Harrison playing into it. The women come up with some good lines of their own. In fact, in one of the ladies' intro to Chris she tells him, "You can plow the f--k out of my field any day." But don't worry, it will die down. "Honestly, the farming thing and Iowa are the hook, it's what we sold the show on, but it's not everything for him," Harrison says. "Every episode isn't: Can you drive a tractor? Do you know what soybeans are? It's not what the season is based on."

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Kissing early and often.
Chris might seem to be shy at times, but not about kissing. Viewers might actually be surprised to see that he exercises those lips on Night 1. But don't think we have a player situation on our hands! Harrison says Chris just doesn't hold back when the feeling is there. And Chris echoes the sentiment, recently telling reporters, "I guess my strategy... was [to] be in the moment and wear my heart on my sleeve. I felt [to] find my soul mate [I had to] be 100 percent in that relationship while I was with them. If there's a moment that a kiss felt right, I was going to go with that."

Less exotic locales.
Think more rolling in the hay than frolicking in the ocean for when Chris and the ladies leave the mansion to hit the road. "We really tailored the show [to Chris]," Harrison says. "He's a piece of Americana from the heartland so we go to Santa Fe and Deadwood, South Dakota and then to Des Moines. So we made it more like who he is and what he's about. But we still have beautiful, exotic dates."

More women.
Most seasons begin with around 25 women, but Chris got a whopping 30 on his first night with 22 making it past the first rose ceremony. But it wasn't actually the more the merrier. "It made it a lot more difficult," Harrison says. "There may have been too many women and, for us, it was hard to get them all in there before the sun came up. But that was a byproduct of him because once we announced him as the Bachelor the casting went through the roof! We thought what the hell, but it was a lot for him to take."

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An I love you!
It's rare for the show's star to say those three words, especially if they're trying to not make it obvious they've made their decision before the very end, but Chris recently slipped revealing, "Yes, I did [say 'I love you']" and maintains he's currently in love. But that doesn't necessarily mean the show has a perfect ending. Harrison remains coy, saying, "He did say he's in love, but is there a proposal? That's up in the air."

The Bachelorpremieres on Monday at 8/7c on ABC.

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