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When Bachelor host Chris Harrison told us hometown dates would change the pecking order of the remaining women, he wasn't kidding. Not only did season-long front-runner Kacie fall from near the top, but she was also cut from the competition completely. We checked in with Harrison, who explained why Kacie's parents weren't the only factor in her demise and why Ben is headed for trouble on next week's fantasy dates.

What did you think of Courtney's hometown date?
Chris Harrison:
I don't think Courtney redeemed herself on the hometown date — in a lot of people's eyes she has more to do. But at least we got to see a very different human side of her. She was more contrite and she regretted the fact that she treated the women like that. Once you get away from the situation, you realize how it got the best of you and it did for her. Will she go further than that as far as apologizing and owning up to it? We'll see at the Women Tell All.

Did Courtney really steal her vows from the Sex and the City finale?
Harrison: Apparently, we have the most astute fans in the world — or it was just a good line.

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Do you think Kacie's parents sealed her fate?
Her parents are phenomenal and hopefully she's not mad [but] it just showed what a huge cultural difference there is between Ben and Kacie's family. It also exposed something else about Kacie: She's young and her dad still has a lot of power over her. Kacie was the front-runner and she completely fell out of the race in one fell swoop. I've never seen fortunes change like that. If you asked me as recently as Puerto Rico or Belize, no question she was Top 2.

Nicki certainly came out of nowhere.
Nicki and her family did the opposite [from Kacie's]. Her family pretty much saved her, and Ben got to see her in a completely different light. Her family also empowered her in the opposite direction, and she was able to give herself to Ben in a much different way [by telling him she's in love with him].

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Ben seemed to fit right in with Lindzi's family.
Harrison: I want them to adopt me! He walked in and was family. I don't know where these people are from, but if this doesn't work out for Lindzi, I don't think she'll have a shortage of men lined up to see her.

What can you say about next week's fantasy dates?
People are going to be surprised at how conflicted Courtney is over the fantasy suite. Just kidding! Now Ben has three women who had phenomenal hometown dates and it will be the most intense exotic dates we've had in quite some time. Usually there's that one where they're trying to figure things out, but all of three of them are at the point where they should be heading into a proposal. That's a good thing, but also a bad thing for Ben.

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