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The Bachelor's Brad Womack may be ecstatic about his final choice, but he says she, on the other hand, isn't always so happy. "Every Monday is a rough day," he says. "I expect numerous phone calls...There are some very low days when she's not feeling great."

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Although Womack admits it isn't easy for him or his lady to watch him making out all over television, he says he doesn't regret a single kiss this season. "Last time I was the Bachelor I didn't kiss many women; I didn't seize many opportunities. This time I promised myself I was going to own every moment... so a lot of kissing," he says.

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With several weeks left in the reality series, the 38-year-old Texan has begun to prepare for the most romantic dates of the season —fantasy suite night. "I might need to leave the country ... on that particular Monday," he laughs.

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