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Ashley S. went into her two-on-one date on The Bachelor this week with a feeling it was her last.

"I was defeated," she says. "The fact that I was going on the two-on-one with my best friend in the house was just an awful situation."

Bachelor's Chris Harrison says he and the women were surprised by exit of Ashley S.

When Ashley S. and Ashley H. learned they'd be up against each other in Las Vegas, they were shocked. Both women had already had single dates with Brad, while other women had not.

So why would an apparent front-runner on the ABC reality show have so little confidence? Ashley explains: "I had always felt like I had to convince people to be in relationships with me or [I had to] compete all the time with other girls that they would interact with at bars and I just really did not want to do that again."

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Looking back, the 26-year-old nanny says she wishes she had gone into her final night with a better attitude, explaining: "I probably would've brought my A game ... "

Are you surprised she went home?