If you haven't heard of "Baby Shark," chances are you probably don't spend a lot of time with children, because as almost anyone with young ones can attest, the song is everywhere now. It's not quite as annoying as the various iterations of "Finger Family" or as tedious as The Wheels on the Bus" or "Old MacDonald Had a Farm," but its lyrics have the same unstoppable earworm effect, which means if you've ever heard it, you're probably hearing it again in your head right now (doo doo doo doo doo doo doo).

And it's only gonna get worse from here, folks!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Nickelodeon now has plans to create an animated preschool series based on the viral number in partnership with SmartStudy, the parent company of Pinkfong, which unleashed this musical madness into the world released a viral version of the song on YouTube in 2015.

In a statement, Nickelodeon's Pam Kaufman said, "Our outstanding creative teams are moving fast to get more 'Baby Shark' product across multiple categories to retailers, and our content team is excited to develop a terrific original animated series that will bring this property to new heights and even more fans."

For the (blissfully) uninitiated, "Baby Shark" is a song with very little nuance, simply repeating a bunch of "doo doo doo" noises after introducing the various members of the titular shark's family. So the possibilities for an adaptation are pretty endless here. Perhaps a show that gives some depth to our finned friend will be a welcome development for parents. If not, well, at least we'll already know how to sing along to the theme song.

Baby SharkBaby Shark