Awww it seems like just yesterday that Jason the Chronic Cheater was boozily abusing Poor Dumb Jess after Winter Formal. But here it is, prom already. So, in honor of the biggest dance of the gang's lives, I offer y'all the "Our Show Was Just Renewed For a Third Season, So Let's Get All Drunked Up and Embarrass Our Parents" survey.
1) Which invite was lamer? Alex H and Poor Dumb Jess' gorilla-outfitted suitors, Cabbage Patch Taylor's car being towed by the mohawked redhead, or Kristin's garage of roses from Talan?
2) Who the hell throws a catered preprom party with a velvet rope? And were those the parents or the paparazzi? Monsignor Bonner High would totally nix that action.
3)  Is it me, or is Talan's mom a MILF?
4)  Jason the Chronic Cheater ditching his sophomore date to mack on Awful Alex: man-skank or drunken mistake? (Consider: He may have kissed her just to shut her up.)
5)  Seriously, Casey's getup? Is she kidding?
6) Who wants to stage an intervention before Lauren runs off to L.A. with Steeephen? Should we at least call Lo?
7)  Is it the new thing to take one guy to prom and hook up with other dudes? If not, Kristin's kind of a ho. A ho I love, but still.
BONUS No. 1: Who should play Poor Dumb Jess in her inevitable Lifetime movie? I'm seeing Nip/Tuck's Kimber with a mousey wash and a spot of lipo. Or Jennifer Love Hewitt on a really bad day.
BONUS No. 2: Why are you still reading this? Go out and get the Veronica Mars Season 1 DVD set! You can thank me later.